Powell Gammill

US House 9, Arizona

Election Date: July 6, 2012



Phone: (602) 400-6463
Web: http://gammillforcongress.com/
Email: powell@gammillforcongress.com
About the Candidate: 

I give you a solemn oath:
To obey and defend the explicit word of the United States Constitution until its repeal.
To adhere to Libertarian principles, without compromise.
To work tirelessly to undo the damage done by other politicians.
To work tirelessly to prevent more damage by other politicians.
To always vote against socialism.

If elected, I will:
Vote against all spending increases.
Vote against all taxes.
Vote against all bills that violate the Constitution.
Vote against all bills that increase the size or influence of government.
Vote against all bills that weaken the sovereignty of the United States.
Vote against all bills that would require any compromise.
Vote for all bills that protect the rights of individuals.
Work for the impeachment and removal of all officials, whether elected, appointed or hired, who have violated their oaths to you (their masters) and the Constitution.
In short, expect me to vote "No" on damned near everything!