Zach Grady

US House 14, Texas

Election Date: May 17, 2012



Phone: 832-837-3315
About the Candidate: 

Zach Grady is running to fill what is currently the seat in the United States Congress held by Dr. Ron Paul. Zach is a Constitutional Libertarian, and, as he says “Most of all, a regular person, who's fed up with the corruption in every level of the oversized federal government. We need to wake everyone up to the fact that the Libertarian Party is THE third party alternative.” Zach comes from the new wave of political candidates that subscribe to the Dr. Ron Paul, Campaign For Liberty philosophy of limited government and greater personal liberty or as Zach calls himself, “not a politician – a Paulitician.” Zach promises to support or introduce legislation for a full audit of the private Federal Reserve, and with the criminality that an audit would expose, END THE FED. Zach also promises to ban the insider trading that is currently permitted by members of our Congress and get international organizations like the U.N. and the IMF out of the internal affairs of our Sovereign Nation, cut the size of government, cut taxes, and repeal all unConstitutional regulations and mandates.