Geoffrey J. Neale

Geoffrey J. NealeGeoffrey Neale served as chair for the Libertarian Party from 2002 to 2004 and was re-elected to chair in May 2012 and served until June 2014. He was a member of the Libertarian National Committee for five terms and served two 2-year terms as the state chair for the Texas Libertarian Party.

During his 30-years of Libertarian Party activism, Geoffrey Neale has served on numerous platform and by-laws committees where he worked to ensure that the LP stays true to the party’s principles of freedom, small government, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and civil liberties.

In stark contrast to the top-down management of the Democratic and Republican parties, Geoff Neale ran for Chair on a promise to focus the Libertarian National Committee on the needs and wants of party members; to make operations appropriately transparent to members; and to conduct LNC meetings in accordance with the party’s bylaws.

While serving as a private sector insurance executive, Chair Geoff Neale was a bold and unapologetic advocate for withdrawing U.S. troops from foreign entanglements, ending the Federal Reserve, and advancing liberty.

Geoffrey Neale was the Operations Manager for the 2004 Michael Badnarik Libertarian for President campaign, and served as an officer for a 1980 California initiative to restrict the sales tax. In 1988, Neale worked with the Ron Paul Libertarian for President campaign.