Life LP Member Offers $10,000 in Matching Money – IF You’ll Help Us Get Gary Johnson on the Ballot

Dear Libertarian Supporter,

We’re already over 60% done with petition drives to put our 2012 Libertarian Presidential ticket on the ballot from coast to coast.

Our Libertarian petitioners are working like there’s no tomorrow. Because there isn’t – for ballot drives. If we fail to get enough signatures in a state by the legal deadline, we’re out. Off that ballot. No second chance.

Our petitioners are getting the signatures in the remaining states. New York, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Alabama, Kentucky, and West Virginia. And others.

But we’re running out of money to pay these costs.

A Life Member of the Libertarian Party is willing to help.

He will match every dollar you donate to put the LP on the ballot for 2012. For our Presidential Ticket. And a number of state Libertarian Party candidates.

If you donate $1,000 today, he will match it with his $1,000 donation. Double your impact for liberty.

If you donate $500 right now, he’ll match it with another $500.

If you give $250 for LP ballot status, he’ll match it with $250 more.

Our Life LP member will match every dollar you give now. Up to $10,000.

Do you want a huge bang for your Libertarian Party donation? Matching Money gives it to you.

Want even bigger bonus benefits?

Your donation + the $10,000 Matching Money moves us closer to coast to coast Ballot Status for our 2012 Libertarian Presidential Ticket.

Which dramatically boosts news coverage of our Libertarian Candidates. All of them. Federal, state, and local.

It draws in tens of thousands of new LP inquiries – and thousands of new LP members.

PLUS new volunteers and donors to support our LP candidates and campaigns.

PLUS new supporters and voters for our LP candidates and campaigns.

Your donation today will accomplish this – and more.

Will you please help us get New York, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Alabama, Kentucky, and West Virginia on the ballot? Several other states may need our help as well.

Let our generous donor double your donation – with his matching money.

Will you donate $1,000? He’ll match it with $1,000.

Will you please put in $500 right now? He’ll match it with another $500.

Will you give $250 for LP ballot status? He’ll match it with $250 more.

Or you can donate $150 or $100 or $50. Every dollar will be matched.

Will you donate today by CLICKING HERE -- and please place this text in the Comment box at the bottom so it gets credit for matching funds:

"Ballot Access Matching Funds"

Thank you for helping. And thank you to our generous Life Libertarian Party Member for matching your donation.

Yours for freedom,

Carla Howell Executive Director, Libertarian Party