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Mark Hinkle photoMark Hinkle was elected Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) at the 2010 national convention in St. Louis.

Mr. Hinkle joined the Libertarian Party in 1974. He has served ten years on the LNC and has done just about every imaginable volunteer job within the LP.

He served for six years as Chairman of the California LP, during which: state party membership more than tripled; revenue more than tripled; the state party opened an office; the state party hired an Executive Director; and, a record number of Libertarians were elected to California public office via Project Breakthrough.

PROFESSIONALLY: A small business owner in the San Francisco South Bay Area that focuses on child safety and drowning prevention.

 Mark Hinkle’s Political Resume in the Libertarian Party

• Served 10 years on the LNC as a regional representative or alternate from California.
• LP of California (LPC) Chair: elected 4 times for a total of 6 years.
• LPC Executive Committee member for over 25 years.
• County Chair, County Vice-Chair, and County Newsletter Chair.
• LPC Northern Vice-Chair.
• LPC Fund Raising Chair.
• LPC Newsletter Chair.
• Chair of the LPC Judicial Committee: 2008-2010.
• State Assembly candidate 5 times. Earned 10% of the vote in a 3-way race in 2008.
• Twice winner of the Sons of Liberty Award for the most principled partisan race (State Assembly).
• Twice a candidate for the Gavilan Community College board of Trustees.
• LPC’s liaison to the CCRS (California Civil Rights Alliance), a coalition of mainly Muslim groups concerned with Civil Rights violations by our government. Successfully passed an Anti-PATRIOT Act resolution through both houses of the California legislature.
• Campaign manager for the very first partisan race after the LPC achieved ballot status: Bill White for State Senate, 1980. He received 13% of the vote in a 3 way race.
• Authored many anti-Bond and and anti-parcel tax ballot arguments, successfully defeating many tax increase measures and thus saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.
• Member of the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association, which won it’s 2008 California Supreme Court case overturning an illegal tax increase by the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority. We forced the agency to give money back to the taxpayers. And I’m a chief plaintiff in the next case to overturn yet another illegal tax.
• Convention Chair for two LPC statewide conventions.
• LP guest speaker for more than 22 years in local high school Civics classes.
• Past LNC and LPC Platform committee member and LPC Bylaws committee member.
• Life member (both state & national) since 1974.
• Cast write-in vote for Libertarian Presidential/ V.P. candidates John Hospers & Tonie Nathan in 1972.