Logic Behind Auto Bailout: 'Insanity'

The nation's largest third-party is calling for Congress to strike down a measure backed by the White House that would risk at least $15 billion of taxpayer dollars to bail-out the American automot

Resolution Condemning Domestic Deployment of the U.S. Military

The following resolution was passed by the Libertarian National Committee on Dec. 7, 2008 at its quarterly board meeting:

The Hill Asks: "Have the Big Three Made a Strong Enough Case for a Bailout?"

The “Big Three” are back on the Hill, and this time the question is whether they can make a strong enough case in order to receive billions of dollars in taxpayer-backed loans to save their companies from bankruptcy.

Despite all the trappings of a truly repentant lot of CEOs who just got a bad shake (this trip, they substituted their private jets for hybrid cars), there is no case that they can make that will be strong enough to justify even $1 being used to prop-up their failed companies.

Barr Condemns Government Plans for Domestic Troop Deployment

Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr says government plans to deploy 20,000 uniformed soldiers inside the United States "ignores all the tragic lessons we have learned from using the U.S.

Domestic Deployment of Troops Concerning

Libertarian Party National Chairman William Redpath calls a plan by the federal government to deploy 20,000 uniformed soldiers inside the United States "further evidence of a disturbing trend of mi