Gov. Gary Johnson Could Cost Romney 5 Battleground States, 74 Electoral Votes Needed to Win in 2012

"2-Term Governor Gary Johnson’s Votes in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Nevada, and Colorado Could Determine the Winner of the 2012 Presidential Election"

Supreme Court Obamacare Decision Highlights Why a President Romney Would be More Dangerous than President Obama

A President Mitt Romney would not undo ObamaCare. He’d make it permanent.

The National Libertarian Party issued the following statement today:

The Supreme Court Ruling on ObamaCare does not matter. It will make little difference to America in the short run, and no difference in the long run.

Rand Paul Betrays His Father’s Principles, Endorses Mitt Romney

When Dr. Rand Paul ran for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, many of his fund-raising appeals were sent to the donors and supporters of his father, Congressman Ron Paul.

Libertarian Party Says Gov. Walker Made Right First Step

Bring Government Labor Contracts In Line with Private Sector Compensation

Libertarian Party Nominates Judge James P. Gray for Vice President

LAS VEGAS – The Libertarian Party on Saturday nominated Judge James P. Gray of California for Vice President of the United States, giving him a chance to take his agenda of downsizing the federal government and marijuana decriminalization to Washington.