Watch the LP Presidential Debate LIVE!

Tonight seven Libertarian presidential-hopefuls debate at the 2008 National Convention. 

Bob Barr, Mike Gravel, George Phillies, Mike Jingozian, Mary Ruwart, Steve Kubby and Wayne Allyn Root all are on stage to discuss why they are the best to represent the Libertarian Party in 2008.  The debate is being moderated by Jim Pinkerton, a respected contributor to the American Conservative magazine.

Seven candidates qualify for presidential debate

Denver, CO - Half of the candidates vying for the Libertarian Party's nomination for president have qualified to participate in

Libertarian National Convention begins this week

Washington, D.C. - The Libertarian Party will hold its biennial National Convention this week in Denver, where it will select it

Executive Director Shane Cory resigns from the Libertarian National Committee

Washington, D.C. - Executive Director Shane Cory has stepped down this week from his staff position with the Libertarian Party.

"I have come to appreciate his talent and professional performance," says Libertarian Party Chairman William Redpath, expressing his thanks for Cory's outstanding service to the LP. "Also, as a personal friend. I wish him well and future success."