Can the feds really micromanage the environment?

Joining the debate surrounding the Lieberman-Warner Climate Securities Act of 2007, the Libertarian Party issued the following statement from party spokesperson Andrew Da

An Open Letter to Congress

The Libertarian Party is one of 28 taxpayer groups to sign on to a National Taxpayers Union (NTU) letter to congress in opposition to Title III of the Farm Bill, which will cost Americans millions of dollars in wasteful spending.

A copy of the letter can be found here.

Dear Member of Congress:

2008 Libertarian Party National Convention award recipients

The Libertarian Party proudly announces recipients of this year’s Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Jefferson awards. These awards are given every two years at the biennial national conventions. They are given to individuals whose achievements place them among the best activists in the history of the LP.

The Thomas Paine award honors individuals within the LP who have excelled in the area of communications. This year the award will be given to two great communicators, Michael Ferguson, of Missouri, and Eric Schansberg, of Indiana.

Libertarian Party on track for record year!

Dear Libertarian,

This past weekend, more than 650 Libertarian delegates from across the country came together in Denver, CO to select our ticket for the 2008 presidential race.  Through much debate, both on the stage and on the floor, our delegates selected one of the strongest tickets in the 37-year history of the Libertarian Party.  Former Congressman Bob Barr, and small businessman Wayne Allyn Root will be leading the Party into what could possibly be the biggest year for Libertarians since Ed Clark ran in 1980!

Huckabee is right: Libertarianism is a threat to Republican hypocrisy

Washington, D.C.  - In a recent interview with Huffington Post contributor Will Mari, former GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee called libertarianism "not an American message," stating libertarianism was a "soulless type of economic conservatism" and a threat to Republicanism.  In response, Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis issued the following statement: