Barr Urges House Judiciary to Hold President Accountable

Appearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Bob Barr called for “a thorough inquiry into the Bush administration’s attack on the Constitution’s system of separation of powers and checks and bal

Housing Bill Like 'Painting a Collapsing House'

The Libertarian Party is calling for the Senate to block a measure that seeks to stabilize the housing market at a cost of $300 billion.  "The bill is an atrocity, pure and simple," says Libertaria

Boehner's voting comments reflect Republican failures

Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis called House Minority Leader John Boehner's (R-OH) comments about wasted votes "a symptom of the same delusion that cost Republicans control in 2006." 

'Let them fail'

"Let them fail," says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis, referring to the mortgage institutions Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, who the Bush administration has said it plans to rescue from fi

Telecom immunity fails to render justice to the American people

The Libertarian Party says that Republicans and Democrats have failed the American people by allowing telecommunication companies complicit in the Bush administration's illegal wiretap program to go without punishment.

"Civil liberties were violated, and only 28 senators cared to see justice served," says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis, "and Barack Obama was not one of them."