New Mexico - Libertarian Party Candidates 2012

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Bob Walsh

State Representative, 48th District, New Mexico

Election Date: October 31, 2012



Phone: 505-470-1254
About the Candidate: 

Bob is a mathematician with degrees in physics and biology and experience in accounting and regulatory analysis. He is President of his neighborhood association, has assisted legislators, and has teamed with other activists to achieve paper ballots. He helped start a local critical-care ambulance company. He is an ACLU Guardian of Liberty, and a Silver Life Master in Duplicate Bridge.

The New Mexico constitution requires that he state educate school-age children, maintain a National Guard, control pollution, and pay its debts. The state may be unable to pay future employee pensions unless it catches the funds up to a level consistent with a realistic return on investment. The Legislature should institute standard accounting controls to stop the ongoing corruption, where only dumb mistakes get caught. Everything else could be cut.

With regard to job-creation, some Nobel economists maintain that most government actions impede the economy. The Public Regulation Commission, intended to control monopolies, now protects the monopolies of its cronies. Most state agencies are siphoning the people’s wealth to corrupt and unproductive individuals. Agencies and boards that restrict competition should be eliminated.

The NM Constitution sets no healthcare goal. However, the state should seize opportunities to benefit its residents, even if we disagree with Federal programs. We should commit about $500 million through 2020 to expand Medicaid to about 170,000 people. Federal contributions will create enough provider and secondary jobs that tax revenue should cover state costs. However, Medicaid literature should clarify that benefits may be temporary.