LP Monday Message: Voters want more options

August 31, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Like you, most Americans are unhappy with the Republican and Democratic parties. Earlier this month, a Zogby poll found that 58% of people think the U.S. needs more than two major political parties.


The Libertarian Party of Michigan's Annual LibertyFest Dinner


Start date: 
Saturday, November 14, 2009 - 6:00pm
End date: 
Saturday, November 14, 2009 - 10:00pm
Time Zone: 


The Marriott at Eagle Crest Resort
Ypsilanti, MI 48197


What: A celebration of our work for Liberty!  We will honor our Libby Award winning volunteers and launch our Libertarian campaigns for the 2010 election

Take a look at our website: $200,900

August 28, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

If you look at the donation counter on our home page, you will see we recently surpassed our $200,900 goal for online donations for 2009. We're at just over $210,000 at the time of writing this.

That's good news -- but unfortunately, there's bad news too. Our donations by mail are way down this year. Even though we cut our total budget from $1.8 million last year to $1.2 million this year, by June 30 we were already running $75,000 short.

Missouri LP to testify at MIAC hearing


From the Missouri LP:

Missouri Libertarian Party Vice Chair Cisse Spragins will be testifying at a Missouri House of Representatives Interim Committee on State Intelligence Analysis Oversight public hearing August 31st in Grandview, MO.

In March, a "Strategic Report" on "The Modern Militia Movement" written by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) was leaked to the press.


Wes Benedict Signature

LP Ohio coordinator on local FOX station

Scott McClure, the Wood County Development Coordinator for the Libertarian Party of Ohio, appears on FOX Toledo's "Talk Back" program with information about the Libertarian Party.

Click here to watch the interview

University of Tennessee - Martin

Organization Name: 
College Libertarians of UT-Martin

Contact: Christopher Jayne

4245 Guthrie Rd. Paris, TN  38242

(731) 363-6153

School Level: 

Libertarian gives her health care perspective to CNN

Debbie Schum, Delta County, Colorado Libertarian Party chair, gave her perspective on health care reform on CNN after attending the White House's press event in Grand Junction.  Schum, a small businessperson, shares with CNN's host the concerns of millions of Americans about the rising costs, plummeting quality, restrictions on access and rationing that are hallmarks of government-controlled health care.

Which potential slogan for the 2010 Libertarian National Convention, to be held in St. Louis May 28-31, do you prefer?

"Don't Tread on Me"
32% (510 votes)
"Gateway to Freedom"
7% (111 votes)
"Gateway to Liberty"
20% (312 votes)
"Legalize Prosperity"
18% (279 votes)
"Show Me Freedom"
12% (185 votes)
None of the above slogans
12% (195 votes)
Total votes: 1592


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