River City Roundup LP of Nebraska Outreach Event


Start date: 
Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 9:00am
End date: 
Sunday, September 28, 2008 - 7:00pm
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455 N 10th St
Omaha, NE 68102


Join the Nebraska Libertarian Party at the River City Roundup in Omaha! If interested in attending and/or volunteering, please contact Jerry Kosch at


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Omaha & Ak-Sar-Ben's River City Roundup

Welcome to the wonderful city of Omaha, Nebraska home of Ak-Sar-Ben's River City Roundup(ARCR).

Does Palin understand the issues?

31% (240 votes)
19% (148 votes)
50% (389 votes)
Total votes: 777

9/11/01: Where were you?

Last year, I posted a blog entry detailing where I was, and what I was doing, during the Sept. 11 terror attacks.  I thought it was a potent reminder of the events of that day, and reflecting on it keeps the memories fresh in my mind.  I'd like to repost what I did last year.  Please email your stories at, and I'll post them on here.  Thanks. 

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Mark 9/11 Anniversary by Targeting Terrorists Overseas While Respecting Liberties at Home, Says Bob Barr

“Seven years have passed since the horrid terrorist attacks of 9/11," says Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party nominee for President. "The U.S. government can best mark the anniversary by continuing to target groups which threaten Americans, but also by respecting the liberties upon which our nation is based."

Third-Parties and the Philosophy of Liberty

Perhaps it is the acrimonious environment of a two-party system, or simply a "strength in numbers" struggle that makes strange bedfellows among third-party candidates in today's politics.  Whatever the cause, third-party candidates often reach out to others for support and assistance in the mutual struggle against the tyranny of the duopoly.  Be it in pooling resources, or simply an extra hand in meeting ballot access requirements: Third-parties are a band of political outcasts struggling for a right to compete for the votes of American people, the same as Republicans an

Seven years after 9/11, is terrorism less of a threat?

26% (406 votes)
15% (231 votes)
59% (915 votes)
Total votes: 1552

To our supporters and volunteers

I have been hearing a lot from many LP Members about concerns over Bob Barr not attending Ron Paul's press conference.
However, before you form an opinion, perhaps you may want to consider the facts and not rely on blogs for your news.

Do attacks on Sarah Palin have to be more guarded than those on male politicians?

25% (166 votes)
6% (42 votes)
68% (449 votes)
Total votes: 657

Do attacks on Sarah Palin have to be more guarded than those on male politicians?

12% (4 votes)
12% (4 votes)
76% (26 votes)
Total votes: 34

Take Action Against the CPD Criteria

From Volunteer Coordinator Austin Petersen:

This past week, Bob Sullentrup (Secretary of the LNC) and I delivered a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates.  In it, Bob criticized the selection criteria requiring at least 15 percent in three national polls. The CPD lists specifically in the rules that to be included in the debates:


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