Russell Roberts on the failed history of "stimulus packages"

When Barack Obama pointed last night to the stimulus packages passed by the Japanese during their 1990s recession, I had to guffaw because they simply didn't work.  Trillions of dollars were spent on explosive government growth that did little to nothing to spur economic recovery, though it did sink the nation into crippling debt.

Russell Roberts, writing for Cafe Hayek, lays out the Japanese experiment.  Click on the link to read it for yourself, the take-home lesson is this:

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Sundwall formally announces campaign


NY LP chair seeks Gillibrand seat

(NYLP press release) ALBANY, NY -- Libertarian Party of New York chairman and small businessman, Eric Sundwall announced on February 10, 2009, that he will seek the 20th Congressional District seat vacated by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and do the near impossible, run as an independent for a special election.

CBO: Economic slump will end mid-2009

The non-partisan Congression Budget Office reports the current economic slump will end sometime around mid-2009.

Keep in mind Obama himself admits any effect he thinks his government expansion will have on the economy won't take place until 2010 -- well after the slump will end anyway.


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FR poster gives Republicans a recent history lesson

Over on the conservative discussion forum Free Republic, partisan Republicans are desperately trying to separate themselves from those Senate Republicans cutting a deal to pass a massive "stimulus" spending bill, a tough task given the fact the Republican Party will in no way discipline "yea" votes and the RNC will continue to spend millions re-electing those senators.

One reader, posting as AdLibertas, gets it and calls his own party to task:

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Libertarians stand alone with voters against Senate plan


LP recommends tax relief for families and employers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – America’s third largest party tonight urged Senate Republicans and Democrats to scrap their joint plans for a $780 billion package of wealth transfers and expanded government spending.

Congress on massive 'stimulus' waste: 'So what?'

Obama's $1.2 trillion welfare-and-spending package contains little direction on just how exactly your money should be spent. 

Rightfully concerned about the possibility that billions of taxpayer dollars could be wasted, National Public Radio asked House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey about the potential for bureaucrats blowing unprecedented amounts of cash on wasteful items, or even themselves:


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