Which Libertarian idea most helps your family?

Creating jobs by opening markets and lowering taxes on employers
23% (955 votes)
Local control of schools and more choices for parents
6% (228 votes)
Income tax relief for payers, and simplifying the tax code
36% (1469 votes)
Reducing taxes on your children by eliminating wasteful and unconstitutional spending
29% (1185 votes)
Lowering health care costs through proven market-based reforms
7% (275 votes)
Total votes: 4112

FR poster gives Republicans a recent history lesson

Over on the conservative discussion forum Free Republic, partisan Republicans are desperately trying to separate themselves from those Senate Republicans cutting a deal to pass a massive "stimulus" spending bill, a tough task given the fact the Republican Party will in no way discipline "yea" votes and the RNC will continue to spend millions re-electing those senators.

One reader, posting as AdLibertas, gets it and calls his own party to task:

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Libertarians stand alone with voters against Senate plan


LP recommends tax relief for families and employers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – America’s third largest party tonight urged Senate Republicans and Democrats to scrap their joint plans for a $780 billion package of wealth transfers and expanded government spending.

Congress on massive 'stimulus' waste: 'So what?'

Obama's $1.2 trillion welfare-and-spending package contains little direction on just how exactly your money should be spent. 

Rightfully concerned about the possibility that billions of taxpayer dollars could be wasted, National Public Radio asked House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey about the potential for bureaucrats blowing unprecedented amounts of cash on wasteful items, or even themselves:


LP Georgia State Convention


Start date: 
Saturday, April 18, 2009 - 8:00am
End date: 
Saturday, April 18, 2009 - 9:30am
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Hilton Atlanta NE
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CBO: Obama plan damages our economy

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office finds Barack Obama's $1.2 trillion dollar welfare-and-spending plan causes even more economic damage than if Congress were to do nothing, The Washington Times reports yesterday.  Support for the massive long-term expansion of government spending and debt is plummeting, with opposition rising fastest among independent voters.

Now a FOURTH Obama nominee faces tax questions

Confirmation hearings for Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis now involve more than her lobbying for an anti-employer organization attempting to change federal law to allow union organizers to more easily coerce workers into joining unions.

WSJ: Congress, Obama only 'stimulating' government

The Wall Street Journal's Daniel Henninger doesn't point out congressional Republicans voted against the stimulus, not out of opposition to Big Government, but in spite of it.  They simply wanted their pork included.

Barack Obama admitted he "screwed up" his first few days in office. What is his biggest "screw up" so far?

Not bothering to check the backgrounds of many of nominees, hoping he could "set a record" for fastest Cabinet confirmations
11% (92 votes)
Slapping salary caps on executives for struggling banks, preventing them from hiring experienced managers to stay in business
5% (46 votes)
Backing a $1.2 billion package of wealth transfers and government expansion economists agree does little to create jobs
56% (483 votes)
Announcing lobbyists would not get jobs in his administration...then quietly hiring 21 registered lobbyists for top positions
21% (182 votes)
7% (58 votes)
Total votes: 861

Obama discourages struggling banks from hiring qualified managers

Hoping to win favor for adding trillions of dollars in additional bailouts for banks to his already-struggling government expansion plan, President Barack Obama announced yesterday the imposition of salary caps on executives whose banks receive TARP funds.

In other words, if your bank is struggling and its failure could throw the economy deeper into turmoil, Barack Obama wants to make it even harder to hire the managers you need to stay in business.


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