What should be the primary focus of the Libertarian Party?

Electing Libertarians to office
48% (165 votes)
Educating the public on Libertarianism
48% (164 votes)
Running a presidential candidate
1% (4 votes)
3% (11 votes)
Total votes: 344

Should the US presence in Afghanistan:

be increased
25% (45 votes)
remain the same
7% (13 votes)
be decreased
13% (23 votes)
removed completely
54% (96 votes)
Total votes: 177

Kansas City Star Needs to be Committed

On Dec. 10, the Libertarian Party put out a press release calling the logic behind the auto bailout, "insane." In it, we stated that "it's insane that we keep going back to the taxpayers to bail-out struggling corporations who, for lack of good management and sound business practices, have become unprofitable."

We also said that "the Libertarian Party favors letting these companies file Chapter 11, instead of risking taxpayer dollars for promises of reform."

Is bankruptcy the best option for U.S. automakers?

86% (181 votes)
9% (18 votes)
5% (11 votes)
Total votes: 210

Free Market Heroes, Vol. 4: Dr. John Berthoud

There are many different types of anti-tax warriors.  Some use crafty CPAs to get more deductions using the government's complex rules against it.  Then, there are tax warriors like Dr. John Berthoud, who use reason, intelligence and a broad coalition of anti-tax organizations to reduce taxes and cut government spending.  And while the limited government movement lost Dr.

Should more troops be sent to Afghanistan?

8% (91 votes)
3% (31 votes)
90% (1078 votes)
Total votes: 1200

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Barr Condemns Newest Bailout


Auto Bailout Will Only “Compound the Problem”

Former Congressman Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party's 2008 presidential nominee, issued a statement condemning the proposed $15-billion bailout of the auto industry apparently nearing approval in the Congress.  Barr said “the Faustian bargain” the Big 3 automakers reached with lawmakers “compounds the problem” of the massive bailouts backed by Congress and the Bush Administration, and apparently is structured so as to give the federal government a degree of involvement and control of GM, Ford, and Chrysler that the companies “will live to regret.”

Press Release

For Immediate Release

America's Largest Third Party Turns 37


Libertarian Party founded on Dec. 11, 1971

The Libertarian Party, America's third-largest political party, is celebrating its 37th birthday. 

With the bailout, do you believe auto makers will become profitable by March 31?

2% (6 votes)
5% (13 votes)
93% (269 votes)
Total votes: 288

Press Release

For Immediate Release

LP Illinois: Governor Should Resign Immediately

The Libertarian Party of Illinois (LP Illinois) condemns the recent actions of Democratic Governor Rob Blagojevich and calls for his immediate resignation for the good of the State of Illinois.

Blagojevich was arrested on December 9, 2008, accused of scheming to profit from the selling of President-Elect Barack Obama's Senate seat for cash or for a political appointment. Charges against Blagojevich were detailed in a 76-page criminal complaint.


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