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LP Ohio coordinator on local FOX station

Scott McClure, the Wood County Development Coordinator for the Libertarian Party of Ohio, appears on FOX Toledo's "Talk Back" program with information about the Libertarian Party.

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University of Tennessee - Martin

Organization Name: 
College Libertarians of UT-Martin

Contact: Christopher Jayne

4245 Guthrie Rd. Paris, TN  38242

(731) 363-6153

School Level: 

Libertarian gives her health care perspective to CNN

Debbie Schum, Delta County, Colorado Libertarian Party chair, gave her perspective on health care reform on CNN after attending the White House's press event in Grand Junction.  Schum, a small businessperson, shares with CNN's host the concerns of millions of Americans about the rising costs, plummeting quality, restrictions on access and rationing that are hallmarks of government-controlled health care.

Which potential slogan for the 2010 Libertarian National Convention, to be held in St. Louis May 28-31, do you prefer?

"Don't Tread on Me"
32% (510 votes)
"Gateway to Freedom"
7% (111 votes)
"Gateway to Liberty"
20% (312 votes)
"Legalize Prosperity"
18% (279 votes)
"Show Me Freedom"
12% (185 votes)
None of the above slogans
12% (195 votes)
Total votes: 1592

Government health care in action: Vancouver to begin denying surgeries

Today's Vancouver Sun reports on one reason Libertarians, joined by most Americans, oppose Obama's proposed government takeover of health care.  Government control of health care has always led to rationing and denial of medically necessary surgery:

VANCOUVER — Vancouver patients needing neurosurgery, treatment for vascular diseases and other medically necessary procedures can expect to wait longer for care, NDP health critic Adrian Dix said Monday.

LP Monday Message: Dems not backing down on public option, but stepping up the fight

Dear friend,

Faced with withering criticism from the independent voters who elected Obama, as well as polls showing majorities of Americans oppose their health care reform plans and would prefer government inaction to the current system, the media reported this weekend Democrats may consider removing a provision for government-run health insurance from a massive bill outlining a government takeover of the nation’s health care system.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Libertarians press Congress on DOMA, ‘don’t’ ask, don’t tell’


Hate crimes bill opposed, cast as attempt by marriage opponents to buy LBGT votes

WASHINGTON -- America’s third largest party challenged House and Senate Democrats Monday to fully commit to the equal justice for gay and lesbian Americans by rejecting a proposed hate crimes law and repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy barring military service by “out” gays and lesbians.


LNC Platform Committee Meeting


Start date: 
Saturday, December 12, 2009 - 2:00pm
End date: 
Sunday, December 13, 2009 - 2:59pm
Time Zone: 


Stratosphere Hotel
Las Vegas, NV 89104


Party members interested in attending the committee meeting can take advantage of our group arrangements.  We're contracted for a room rate of $47.50 ($40 + mandatory $7.50 resort fee) per night.  For hotel reservations, call the Group Reservations Department at 1-800-998-6937 between the hours of 7AM to 10 PM PST and reference the Group: Libertarian Party Platform Commitee and/or Group Code: C-LPPC.  Reservations should be made by November 11 to get the g


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