December LNC Meeting Agenda

Libertarian National Committee, Inc.

December 6-7, 2008 Meeting Agenda

San Diego, California

Saturday, December 6, 2008 & Sunday, December 7, 2008

Call to Order    (8:00 AM)

Are you optimistic about the next four years?

18% (44 votes)
13% (33 votes)
69% (173 votes)
Total votes: 250

Free Market Heroes, Vol. 3: John A. Allison

Not everyone is born a freedom-loving Constitutionalist.  If they were, there would be no need for the Libertarian Party.

Unfortunately, the fight for less government is as much a legislative process as it is an education process.  In fact, the legislative process is much easier when there is an educated electorate, who elects qualified and competent legislators. 

Obama's new "Raw Deal"

"The 1930s recession became the Great Depression because policymakers didn't take the necessary actions," said Democratic economic adviser Jared Bernstein in a recent Washington Post article.

Will Hillary Clinton make a good Secretary of State?

16% (81 votes)
20% (99 votes)
64% (315 votes)
Total votes: 495

Free Market Heroes, Vol. 2: Rick Berman

When it comes to your life and government regulation, the government has two rules.  The first: Government is never wrong.  The second: Should there be an exception to the first rule, government was at least trying to do the right thing, so it is still right.  

Do you support "Don't Ask/Don't Tell"?

38% (161 votes)
10% (42 votes)
52% (216 votes)
Total votes: 419

Do you support direct democracy?

32% (97 votes)
14% (44 votes)
54% (165 votes)
Total votes: 306

What are economists saying about the auto bailout?

It should go without saying that the Libertarian Party is philosophically and pragmatically opposed to any sort of bailout to corporations, especially when they've been run as poorly as American auto manufactures.  But what are the economists saying about the auto bailouts?  I've compiled some snippets from various economists, and put them together here for your reading pleasure:

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Libertarian Party Replaces GOP as Party of Free Market Advocates


Republicans Responsible for Massive Growth in Government Regulation

Following Senator John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign, and the support of the massive bailouts by Republican members of Congress, the Libertarian Party says it has replaced the GOP as the party of free market advocates.


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