Want a sign with your name on it?

Want a sign with your name on it?
Then run for office as a Libertarian!
With both Republicans and Democrats hiking taxes, bloating spending and stripping rights in state legislatures and local governments, the need for Libertarians is greater now more than ever.
There is still time to file for state legislative races in Virginia and New Jersey, and we need candidates to get started for races in 2010.

The Obama administration has taken control of General Motors. What's your favorite car from a government-run car company?

Yugo (Yugoslavia: Broke down frequently, “carpet” was a feature)
39% (568 votes)
Zhiguli (USSR: Air conditioning not offered)
8% (117 votes)
Trabant (East Germany: Plastic car, no brake lights or turn signals)
21% (314 votes)
Zaporozhet (USSR: Loud engine, tended to explode in collisions)
32% (469 votes)
Total votes: 1468

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Record number of voters back LP tax approach


Rasmussen poll finds highest-ever number believe tax cuts spur growth

WASHINGTON – A record number of voters agree with the Libertarian Party that tax cuts would help spur economic growth, America’s third-largest party notes Monday.

A Rasmussen Reports poll released March 26 finds 63 percent of all voters now say tax cuts will help America’s economy.  That’s an increase from the 56 percent measured in February and the highest number since Rasmussen began tracking the question in the mid-1990s.

Among unaffiliated voters, the number is even higher – 68 percent.

P&G CEO: New Obama tax grab destroys American jobs

Barack Obama's plans to immediately grab a chunk of income earned overseas will destroy American jobs and make it harder for employers to compete with foreign businesses, Proctor and Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley says in Sunday's Cincinnati Enquirer.

Currently, companies are allowed to defer payment on foreign income until the funds are brought back into the United States.  Under the newest Obama tax grab scheme, American employers who make money in foreign markets would have to immediately pay the taxes, giving a competitive advantage to foreign companies.

Will you be attending a Tea Party on April 15th?

Yes! High taxes hurt the economy, and my family.
85% (446 votes)
No! I support Obama's plans to raise taxes, expand wasteful spending and ring up record deficits.
15% (77 votes)
Total votes: 523


Small Government Summit


Start date: 
Friday, June 5, 2009 - 12:26pm
End date: 
Saturday, June 6, 2009 - 12:26pm
Time Zone: 


Boston Marriott Newton Hotel
Newton, MA 02466


What's the biggest harm caused by government-directed health care?

Putting millions of Americans on a waiting list to get into the hospital
33% (252 votes)
Shortages of life-saving equipment like CAT scanners
3% (19 votes)
Fewer life-saving medical procedures like heart bypasses and dialysis
8% (57 votes)
The fact death rates from cancer are higher under government-directed medicine
10% (78 votes)
Less time to see over-assigned doctors
13% (102 votes)
Waiting lists for life-saving surgeries
33% (251 votes)
Total votes: 759

Should bailed-out homeowners pay back THEIR tax-funded windfall, too?

Stan Liebowitz, Research Fellow at The Independent Institute, thinks so.  He writes in the March 17 Investors Business Daily (linked from The Independent Institute:)

The U.S. public is outraged at the $165 million in bonuses paid to employees of insurance giant American International Group after AIG received billions in government bailout funds—and Washington is looking for ways to make bonus recipients pay back the money.

Did so-called "universal health care" kill actress?

Cody Williams, a Chicago physician, writes in today's New York Post how Obama-style socialized medicine may have played a role in the death of actress Natasha Richardson, who died last week in Canada from a simple injury easily treatable in the United States.

Williams writes, in part:

Canadian health care de-emphasizes widespread dissemination of technology like CT scanners and quick access to specialists like neurosurgeons. While all the facts of Richardson's medical care haven't been released, enough is known to pose questions with profound implications.

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Voters get no choice as Sundwall removed from ballot on "technicality"

ALBANY, N.Y. -- The New York State Board of Elections voted Wednesday to remove Libertarian congressional candidate Eric Sundwall from the ballot in the March 31 special election to fill the vacant 20th congressional district seat, citing a technicality that voided many of Sundwall's ballot access petition signatures.

The Sundwall campaign will not pursue legal efforts to remain on the ballot.  Campaign manager Richard Cooper issued the following statement:


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