New LP Executive Director, Wes Benedict, Asking For Help

From the desk of Wes Benedict:

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I am excited and honored to have been hired as the new Executive Director of the Libertarian Party at our headquarters in Washington, DC.

Q&A: Libertarian Gwendolyn "Wendy" Jones

The Wilmington News Journal sat down for a question and answer session with Wendy Jones, the Libertarian nominee for state senate in an Aug. 3 special election.  Wendy shares with voters how Libertarians will cut taxes, create jobs, fight crime, protect personal freedoms and improve our schools.

Click here to learn more about Libertarian Wendy Jones.  Her campaign website is here.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Backlash: Dem ratings plunge as voters repel Big Government


On important issues, voters want Libertarian solutions

WASHINGTON -- The front page of Wednesday’s Politico was a sea of plummeting blue arrows as the paper reported on the slumping approval ratings of major Democrat officials across the nation.  America’s third largest party notes the rapid decline in support for Democrats, with support for Republicans still at record lows, is more proof Americans are looking for Libertarian solutions to the nation’s problems.

Free Market Healthcare Saves the Day… again

By: Matthew O’Brien

    In an age where healthcare coverage has become a nationally divisive issue, insurance is becoming more difficult than ever to acquire, and socialized medicine is looming on the horizon, Remote Area Medical (RAM) has proven that there is still hope in free market healthcare. RAM, an organization solely funded by private and corporate donors, travels all over the globe providing healthcare free of charge to those in critical need, but unable to afford expensive medical procedures due to unfortunate circumstances.

Americans rejecting goverment-run health care plan

A poll released today by the independent, non-partisan polling firm of Rasmussen Reports find more good news for advocates of affordable, accessible health care delivered without government control.

By whopping margins, independent Americans oppose President Obama's proposal for government-run health care.

Examiner: Force the Fed into the sunlight

Today's Washington Examiner editorial lends support to an issue libertarians have pressed for years -- bringing transparency and accountability to the Federal Reserve.

Click here to read the editorial, or if you live in the metro D.C. area pick up a free copy of The ExaminerThe Examiner editorializes, in part:

Americans still love the free market

Columnist Tim Carney, writing in The Washington Examiner, finds that reports of the death of the free market may have been premature.

Click here to read Carney's blog entry in its entirely, or if you live in the metro D.C. area, pick up a copy of The Examiner.  Carney writes, in part:

“Birthers” the Libertarian Fringe?

     Recently, some elements of the right have been pressing the Obama birth certificate issue into the public light. Most notably, a segment on Lou Dobbs has added fuel to the fire by legitimizing their claims in the mainstream media. Chris Matthews featured a segment where Ken Vogel of Politico claims that the libertarian fringe are pressing the issue.

In my estimation however, the birther issue has been more of a Constitution Party issue than a Libertarian one.

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Libertarians warn Judiciary vote may have consequences


Senators reminded a vote to confirm was a vote against gun rights

WASHINGTON -- America’s third largest party Wednesday reminded members of the Senate Judiciary Committee their vote for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor was a vote against constitutionally-guaranteed gun rights and those who vote to confirm in the full Senate next week can expect to be held accountable at the polls.


LPKY District 6 - Lexington Meeting


Start date: 
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 - 7:00pm
End date: 
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 - 9:00pm
Time Zone: 


The Inn on Broadway



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