Libertarian Party of Idaho "Philisophic Brunch"


Start date: 
Thursday, January 10, 2008 - 11:00am
End date: 
Thursday, January 10, 2008 - 1:00pm
Time Zone: 


Elmers Restaurant
Nampa, ID


For more details on this event, please email Rob Oates at:

Collin College (all campuses)

Contact: To be updated

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Will the Feds Bust Santa Claus?

by George Getz (former Director of Communications for the Libertarian Party)
When Santa Claus comes to town this week, he'd better watch out -- because the federal government may be making a list of his crimes (and checking it twice), the Libertarian Party warned today.
"Hark the federal agents sing, Santa is guilty of nearly everything," said Libertarian Party press secretary George Getz. "The feds know when Santa's been bad or good -- and he's been bad, for goodness sakes."

Will 2009 be a better year than 2008?

29% (372 votes)
18% (234 votes)
53% (670 votes)
Total votes: 1276

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Libertarians Accuse Obama of "Hawkish" Foreign Policy


Party Says Obama Following Missteps of Bush Administration

America's largest third-party is accusing Barack Obama of pursuing the same "hawkish" foreign policy of his predecessor George Bush.  "What we hoped to see with the incoming Obama administration were plans for a total withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq," says William Redpath, national chairman of the Libertarian Party.  "Instead, we're seeing the same missteps of the Bush administration that have kept our troops in the Middle East since 2001." 

Are Democrats less "hawkish" than Republicans?

27% (53 votes)
14% (28 votes)
58% (114 votes)
Total votes: 195

California Case Represents Ills of Direct Democracy

There has been a recent push in third-party circles for a move to "direct democracy" in the United States.  Direct democracy, where the citizens govern by majority vote, is often favored by those who wish to circumvent elected officials who those individuals feel cannot properly represent the interests of every U.S. citizen.  In terms of direct representation, direct democracy truly does meet these goals.  After all, every citizen has a voice—technically.

Do you like the Fair Tax?

32% (132 votes)
20% (80 votes)
48% (196 votes)
Total votes: 408

Do you have a problem with Obama's selection of Pastor Rick Warren for the inauguration?

33% (94 votes)
7% (20 votes)
60% (171 votes)
Total votes: 285

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Government Programs Die Hard


Libertarian Party Warns Against Further Government Spending

America's largest third party is warning against the institution of new government programs in the wake of the current economic crisis. "Government programs tend to linger with disastrous economic consequences," says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis.

"Congress needs to exercise extreme caution when considering any new government programs that are intended to act as a remedy for economic decline," says Davis. "The New Deal taught us that government programs die hard, and we're still suffering from the leftovers of FDR's administration."


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