Misplaced priorities

Congress doesn't have time to read the "stimulus" bill, but they have time to debate and pass a bill outlawing pet chimps?

Robert Stephens

Springfield Mayor,

Election Date: April 2, 2013
Term: 4 years
Non-Partisan Office



About the Candidate: 

Robert Stephens was born and raised in Springfield—having attended school at Campbell Elementary, Jarrett Junior High, and Parkview High School. He also graduated from Southwest Missouri State College (the final graduating class of SMS College before it became SMS University!) He brings a strong background in management and volunteerism to the campaign for a seat on Springfield’s City Council.

Professional Background: Bob’s resume consists of 25 years of human resource management (16 years at 3M as well as ten years in the electronics field.) He also has been the owner of a successful small business (A Perfect Fit Alteration Shop), which he sold at a profit. His background in HR taught him to listen to all sides of an issue before deciding on the fairest and most equitable solution. This willingness to listen to opposing viewpoints will be invaluable as City Council tackles some of the major issues facing Springfield in the next four years.

Volunteer Positions: Bob has always felt that Springfield is a great place to live and that we all have an obligation to make it better. He has long been involved in volunteer positions—most of them involving Board service.

In the past, he has served on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Ozarks, the Springfield Family Y, and the Board for Camp Fire Boys and Girls. Most of his volunteer positions have dealt with enhancing the quality of life for Springfield’s young people.

In addition, his municipal government experience includes two terms on the Springfield Art Museum Board, including one year as Chair during a major building renovation project. He also completed an unexpired term on the Springfield Personnel Board because of his background as  an HR professional. These two positions have given him a working knowledge of how our municipal government operates.

Family: Bob and Cindy have been married for 14 years. She is an administrator in Workforce Development at OTC. Bob is dad to two daughters: Alicia is married, lives in Denver, and is a certified Physician’s Assistant with an Master’s Degree from St. Louis University. She assists with spinal surgeries and was recently selected to be Denver Nuggets cheerleader for 2008-2009. Rebecca graduated from MU with a double major in International Business and Accounting. She works as a Financial Analyst in Kansas City and she and Jason have presented Bob and Cindy with their first grandchild. The Stephens household is also ruled by a somewhat rotund cat named Tristan.

Education: In addition to his degree from SMS, Bob also holds a Master’s degree in Communication from Drury University and a Specialist Degree in Technical Communication from California State University. He has taught courses in HR Management at Phillips Junior College and a number of Communications courses at Drury University. Also, he has conducted numerous workshops and training sessions based on his background in management and human resources.

Put the LP on your Mac!

Majorities of voters agree Obama's plan to explode the size and cost of government will delay eventual economic recovery, but Libertarians are looking forward to electing a pro-growth president in 2012 and restoring our economy.

For those who would like to count down with us, we have provided a Mac Widget for Dashboard to countdown the Obama Presidency.


Polls: Obama approval rate average, disapproval rate high

The media love to trumpet Barack Obama's approval ratings of 63 percent, but there's something they don't like telling you -- based on the approval ratings of every elected president since Nixon, Barack Obama is disappointingly average.

In fact, the only president with a higher approval rating at this point in his term was...Jimmy Carter.  Ouch. 

Your Monday Message

Dear friend,

Backed by a growing swing vote that decides elections and support for its economic plans, the Libertarian Party is not an “alternative” political party.

“Alternative” implies something outside the mainstream or an unconventional choice.  The Libertarian Party, with its sensible balance of fiscal responsibility and social moderation, is, in fact, the nation’s only mainstream political party.

Book review: "Recarving Rushmore"

Abraham Lincoln, Bad President. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bad President.  Andrew Jackson: Bad President. Bill Clinton, Average President. John Tyler: Good President?!

What’s going on here?

KC Star: Will 'bailout mania' open door for LP?

The Kansas City Star newspaper today points readers to a blog entry from blogger Nick Sloan, asking "Will bailout-mania open door for Libertarians?"

Lotterman: GOP late to party on fiscal responsibility

The next time one of your Republican friends complains about Obama's spending, point him to this St. Paul Pioneer Press column by economist Edward Lotterman.  Republicans can talk about how they're "small government" and "fiscally responsible", but history says they're virtually indistinguishable from Democrats.

'Mr. Obama, give back my wallet'

A tip of the hat goes to Andrew Roth at The Club for Growth for pointing me to this, from Arnold Kling at the :

"It seems likely to me that more people oppose the auto bailout than support it, more people oppose the housing bailout than support it, more people oppose the stimulus than support it, and more people oppose the bank bailout than support it.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

California Libertarians: Budget Deal A 'Travesty'

PANORAMA CITY, Calif.  -- Libertarian Party of California Chair Kevin Takenaga issued the follow statement today regarding the budget deal agreed to this morning by the California legislature:

"The budget package passed by the California legislature this morning is an absolute travesty. It shows just how little concern the Democrats and Republicans in Sacramento have for ordinary, hard-working individuals and businesses in California.


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