California Case Represents Ills of Direct Democracy

There has been a recent push in third-party circles for a move to "direct democracy" in the United States.  Direct democracy, where the citizens govern by majority vote, is often favored by those who wish to circumvent elected officials who those individuals feel cannot properly represent the interests of every U.S. citizen.  In terms of direct representation, direct democracy truly does meet these goals.  After all, every citizen has a voice—technically.

Do you like the Fair Tax?

32% (132 votes)
20% (80 votes)
48% (196 votes)
Total votes: 408

Do you have a problem with Obama's selection of Pastor Rick Warren for the inauguration?

33% (94 votes)
7% (20 votes)
60% (171 votes)
Total votes: 285

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Government Programs Die Hard


Libertarian Party Warns Against Further Government Spending

America's largest third party is warning against the institution of new government programs in the wake of the current economic crisis. "Government programs tend to linger with disastrous economic consequences," says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis.

"Congress needs to exercise extreme caution when considering any new government programs that are intended to act as a remedy for economic decline," says Davis. "The New Deal taught us that government programs die hard, and we're still suffering from the leftovers of FDR's administration."

Is human-generated global warming a myth?

56% (220 votes)
19% (76 votes)
24% (94 votes)
Total votes: 390

Government's Role in the Economy

When we say that we want to keep government out of the economy, people often ask, "Isn't that economic anarchy?"

At first our "Wall of Separation" commitment (that is, a commitment to keeping a wall of separation between economy and State) may seem a little bit like anarchy; however, we do believe government has a function in the economy. It's just that its role is very limited, and it is centered around the protection of property rights from fraud and abuse.

From our platform:

Calamity and Consequence

It doesn't take much to go from "bad" to "really bad" when government gets involved.  This is especially true when those in power have the philosophy that, "If it's broken, government can fix it."

Unfortunately, far too often government tries to force itself into problem situations with good intentions that have disastrous consequences.  Because many times these consequences aren't immediate, government officials and the voters who elect them to office don't learn from these mistakes.

Will Obama restore confidence in the integrity of government?

10% (35 votes)
15% (51 votes)
75% (255 votes)
Total votes: 341

What should be the primary focus of the Libertarian Party?

Electing Libertarians to office
48% (165 votes)
Educating the public on Libertarianism
48% (164 votes)
Running a presidential candidate
1% (4 votes)
3% (11 votes)
Total votes: 344

Should the US presence in Afghanistan:

be increased
25% (45 votes)
remain the same
7% (13 votes)
be decreased
13% (23 votes)
removed completely
54% (96 votes)
Total votes: 177


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