Fox News: Libertarians take on Democrat 'war on dissent'


Mob Rule or Democracy in Action? Health Care Debate Focuses on Opponents Over Substance

Democrats are stepping up their campaign against opponents of health care reforms, depicting town hall audiences protesting a Democratic-sponsored bill as angry mobs duped into hostile actions by special interest groups.

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Libertarians call on Democrats to end their 'war on dissent'


White House urges followers to report dissenters, Doggett claims LP organizing ‘mobs’

WASHINGTON -- Libertarian National Committee Communications Director Donny Ferguson released the following statement Wednesday, after Democratic National Committee Communications Director Brad Woodhouse released a statement Tuesday accusing private citizens opposed to the proposed government takeover of health care of being part of a paid, organized conspiracy against the president:

Indy Libertarians to hold school choice workshop

(Libertarians are the only party working to give parents more say in their child's education through school choice, as well as tax credits and vouchers to allow parents to "shop" for better schools with their own tax dollars.)

The Libertarian Party of Marion County, Indiana's Monthly Business Meeting well be held Tuesday, Aug. 11 at the historic 19th century Athenaeum Building, 401 East Michigan Street, downtown Indianapolis, home of the Rathskeller.

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Libertarians challenge SEIU: Why not give everyone unlimited posters?


Union rations access to ‘free’ posters promoting government takeover

WASHINGTON -- America’s third largest party issued a challenge Tuesday to the Service Employees International Union, which is distributing free posters to activists supporting the proposed government takeover of health care.  The posters come with one catch – access to the limited supply is rationed to “only ONE poster per person and address.”

Libertarians challenged the SEIU to live up to the promises behind government-run health care and offer everyone in America unlimited access to as many posters as they want without increasing their costs.

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Libertarians decry Blue Dog deal on government-controlled health care


Revised bill is ‘delayed-onset government control’

WASHINGTON -- America’s third largest party Tuesday criticized Blue Dog Democrat Caucus leaders for finalizing a deal with party leadership on a September vote on the proposed health care reform bill before heading back to their districts to meet with constituents.

Monday Message: Elected Libertarians and candidates are getting things done

Dear friend,

Wendy Jones and Mark Byrne are doing great things for liberty.

Wendy is the Libertarian candidate for the Delaware State Senate in a special election being held today.  To be honest, she’s probably not going to win today.  But what she is doing is speaking with voters on the issues they care about and letting them know how Libertarians will create jobs, cut taxes, curb spending and protect your rights.

Government-run care means long waits, less innovation

Libertarian award-winning journalist John Stossel wants Americans to know one thing -- government-run health care means waiting in line for less advanced care.

In nations with government-run systems like the one proposed by Obama, citizens must register with the government just to be put on a waiting list for routine care like dentist visits.

Monds debuts new website

John Monds, the Libertarian candidate for Georgia governor, has a new and improved website at

Monds is running for governor because, like most Georgians, he wants to cut taxes, eliminate wasteful spending, improve local schools and get traffic moving again.

Why not head over to, take a look at let John know what you think by filling out the contact form?

Murphy to hold health care town hall, Aug. 8

Democrat Congressman Scott Murphy, representing New York's 20th Congressional District (Kinderhook/Glen Falls/Saratoga Springs) will hold a "town hall meeting" Aug. 8 on the proposed government takeover of health care.

Libertarians urge concerned citizens to ask Congressman Murphy if he will agree to vote "no" on any health care reform bill he has not personally read in its entirety.

Libertarian Party of Ohio Announces 2010 Candidates

Message from the Libertarian Party of Ohio


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