Will the bailouts eventually help the economy?

7% (53 votes)
16% (126 votes)
78% (622 votes)
Total votes: 801

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Barr Blasts House for Caving on Bailout Bill


Senate, White House Pressure Trumped Principle for 58 Members

“It didn’t take much to buy a House vote, only about $130 billion in so-called sweeteners,” says Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, referring to the 58 members of Congress who changed their vote from 'no' to 'yes' in support of the bailout bill.  “So now the House has joined the Senate in taking $700 billion-plus worth of Main Street’s money to bail-out Wall Street. Congress spent money it doesn’t have to get reluctant members to vote even more money that they don’t have."

Congressmen who sold-out the taxpayer

"We can’t afford the bailout. And we certainly cannot afford the misnamed 'sweeteners' intended to buy the votes of House members. Using money the government doesn’t have to persuade legislators to spend even more money they don’t have is a fiscal and moral outrage. Turning normal bills into fiscal Christmas trees is bad enough, but the administration’s and congressional leadership’s attempt to avoid a genuine vote on the merits of legislation so expensive and far-reaching is a travesty."

House Should Stand Firm and Kill the Wall Street Bailout

The people said no and, for once, the Congress listened. But all of the usual suspects, including both Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, rallied behind the administration’s ill-considered Wall Street bailout and pushed it through the Senate. Now the bailout’s supporters are going back to the House and hope to buy off enough votes to win passage tomorrow.

Who won Thursday's vice-presidential debate?

Joe Biden
46% (750 votes)
Sarah Palin
54% (870 votes)
Total votes: 1620

Where have all our representatives gone?

At first, it was but three pages.

Then, it grew to 42.

When it was voted on last night, the bill was the size of a novel.

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John McCain’s Actions are not Bipartisan, They are Bipolar

"Sen. John McCain claims he can provide leadership, but he panicked in the face of cries that the sky is falling from Wall Street investors who made bad investments, and the taxpayers are going to pay over $700 billion for his lack of leadership," says Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Bob Barr. 

"Sen. McCain claims he will change Washington by eliminating 'earmarks', but he just voted for more than $103 billion dollars of bold-faced earmarks," says Barr.


VP Candidate Wayne Root hosted by Cal Lutheran University


Start date: 
Tuesday, October 21, 2008 - 7:00pm
End date: 
Tuesday, October 21, 2008 - 9:00pm
Time Zone: 


California Lutheran University
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360


More details to come.

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BARR: No more government guarantees

Just one week ago, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was demanding that Congress grant him unprecedented, unreviewable authority to spend $700 billion or more to bail-out Wall Street. But in a major rebuke to the administration and to both the Republican and Democratic congressional leadership, the House voted down the 110-page plan that emerged from last weekend´s frenzied — if not unseemly — effort by Mr. Paulson to salvage a bailout deal.

Senators who voted 'NO' on the bailout

Allard (R)
Barasso (R)
Brownback (R)
Bunning (R)
Cantwell (D)
Cochran (R)
Crapo (R)
DeMint (R)
Dole (R)
Dorgan (D)
Enzi (R)
Feingold (D)
Inhofe (R)
Johnson (D)
Landrieu (D)
Nelson (FL) (D)

Roberts (R)
Sanders (I)
Sessions (R)
Shelby (R)
Stabenow (D)
Tester (D)

Vitter (R)
Wicker (R)
Wyden (D)


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