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Indianapolis City-County Council Reappoints Two Libertarians

Press release from the Libertarian Party of Marion County, Ind.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- The Indianapolis City-County Council has voted to reappoint two Indianapolis Libertarians to the Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals in Indianapolis for a one-year term. Timothy J. Maguire was confirmed in a 29-0 vote on January 12, 2009 to the Zoning Board of Appeals, Division I, of which he is currently the Chairman.

Examiner editorial: Hardest choice of all is scaling back government

The Washington Examiner challenges Barack Obama to turn his pretty words about "change" and "hard choices" into some kind of real action.

"Dim Bulb" or silly goose?

If your carry-on bag is sitting on the bottom of the Hudson River right now, The Washington Examiner suggests New York senator Chuck Schumer may be partially to blame.

Pelosi: Reduce government spending by reducing the population

What do you get when the government begins providing all child care, education and health care?

You get a government that begins to look at its citizens as an expensive burden.  The Drudge Report highlights this exchange Sunday between This Week host George Stephanopoulos and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on some of the more ridiculous items in the so-called "stimulus package."

STEPHANOPOULOS: Hundreds of millions of dollars to expand family planning services. How is that stimulus?

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Libertarian Party asks Congress to give everyone a “Tim Geithner tax break”


Nominee’s problems a sign tax code should be scrapped

Washinton, D.C. -- Congress should give all taxpayers a “Tim Geithner tax break” by significantly simplifying the Internal Revenue Code, Libertarian National Committee chairman Bill Redpath said Monday.

“Congress should make sure what happened to Mr. Geithner, a finance professional, won’t continue to happen to millions of average folks,” said Redpath.

Barr in the AJC: "Change" means more of the same

Constancy of government intrusion unlikely to change

By Bob Barr

For the Journal-Constitution

Read the entire column for yourself at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Clearly, much has changed since the early spring of 2008. But, as I scan the news, there remains an eerie constancy to goings on in Washington, in Atlanta and elsewhere.

Report: Government-run hospitals fatally discriminate against the disabled

A 43-year-old man with Down’s syndrome painfully starved to death for 26 days after doctors in Britain’s socialized National Health Service simply forgot to feed him.

Martin Ryan died, according to The Daily Mail, “starving and in agony” in an NHS hospital after doctors failed to give him a feeding tube.  Ryan had difficulties communicating with doctors, which led to him suffering a slow and brutal death from starvation. 

Book Review: “Hamilton’s Curse” by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

It’s common to hear today from Americans that “if we knew then what we know today, we should never have gone to Vietnam. “ Even my father who served as a Green Beret and who agreed with the Iraq invasion visits his friends names at the Vietnam Memorial with a tear in his eye and regret in his voice.

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Barr hails Obama orders on Guantanamo, torture, tribunals


Says steps start process to restore rule of law in America

Former Republican Congressman and Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr, today issued a statement praising executive orders signed yesterday by President Obama ordering the closure of the military detention center at Guantanamo, restoring the practice of treating detainees according to legal norms, firmly stopping the practice of waterboarding and other "enhanced interrogation techniques," and doing away with the military tribunals that denied fundamental due process to detainees since their creation shortly after 911.

Congress blocks 15,000 ticketholders from inauguration -- and they want to run health care?

The Politico reports California senator Dianne Feinstein is trying to make it up to as many as 15,000 inaugural ticketholders who were blocked from entering the event -- by sending them a photo of Barack Obama.

Thousands of now-angry people secured tickets to the historic inauguration of Barack Obama through the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies and stood in line for hours on a frigid D.C. morning -- only to be told they wouldn't be allowed to see the event.


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