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U.S. Should Talk to Iran, Says Bob Barr

"While the Bush administration has steadfastly declined to engage in talks with the government of Iran, five former Secretaries of State - Republican and Democrat - recently exhibited a great deal more judgment and understanding of world affairs in calling for actual talks with Tehran," Libertarian Presidential nominee Bob Barr says.

“Talking does not mean sacrificing U.S. interests.  Rather, talking is a means to further U.S. interests,” Barr explains. 

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Barr on Ike: “Let the People Go Home”

"There is something inherently wrong with the government forcibly keeping people away from their homes and property," says Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party's nominee for president, in response to the government's continuing and heavy-handed attempt to bar Hurricane Ike evacuees from returning to their homes in Texas.

"There is, of course, an obvious risk to returning to a disaster area," says Barr. "However, government should not forcibly prevent evacuees from returning to their own houses and property.  It is their choice, for better or for worse, to return to their homes."

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LNC Passes Afghanistan Resolution

At the September meeting of the Libertarian National Committee, the following resolution was passed:

Will Sarah Palin be able to hold up in a debate with Joe Biden?

51% (482 votes)
12% (115 votes)
37% (347 votes)
Total votes: 944

"White House Upbeat on Economy, Defends AIG Move"

Did that Miami Herald headline grab your attention? It did to me. So what does the White House think about our economy? Good question. Here is their answer today from Press Secretary Dana Perino:

"I recognize that this issue of 'strength' (of the economy) has come into the 2008 election," she said. "I'm not going to try to get involved in it." (AP 09/17/08)

Which of these issues should the Libertarian Party be MOST focused on during this election?

Reducing the tax burden on all Americans
8% (52 votes)
The restoring of our freedoms curtailed by the Bush administration
20% (134 votes)
Reducing the size of Government and restraining out of control spending
55% (372 votes)
Getting our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan
10% (70 votes)
Restoring faith in our economy
8% (52 votes)
Total votes: 680

Is there much difference between the economic plans of Barack Obama and John McCain?

28% (149 votes)
11% (60 votes)
61% (332 votes)
Total votes: 541

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Another Federal Bailout: “I Told You So,” Says Bob Barr

“Richard Nixon once said that we are all Keynesians now, meaning that Republicans and Democrats alike believed in government micro-management of the economy,” observes Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president. 

Who has been better with the economy?

45% (207 votes)
55% (251 votes)
Total votes: 458

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