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Libertarian Party asks McCain: 'What's so wrong with habeas corpus?'


Party questions the GOP front man's enmity to the "Great Writ"

The Libertarian Party is questioning comments made by Sen. John McCain following the recent Supreme Court decision that granted the right of habeas corpus to detainees in Guantanamo Bay.  "We’d like to ask John McCain what's so wrong with habeas corpus," says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis.  

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee called the ruling "one of the worst decisions in the history of this country."

What is the biggest cause of the high price of oil?

Consumer demand
22% (130 votes)
Oil speculation
25% (150 votes)
Excessive regulation
35% (208 votes)
Mid. East reluctance to pump more oil
4% (26 votes)
12% (72 votes)
Don't Know/No Response
3% (16 votes)
Total votes: 602

LP vs. CP

We often get emails at Libertarian Party headquarters asking what exactly are the differences between the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party.  The confusion is understandable, especially for party outsiders who are just beginning to look at either as a new political home.  The question of the differences in the parties has become even more frequent as Ron Paul supporters are looking for a new home after Paul's announcement that he is discontinuing his campaign. 

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Libertarian Party commends Paul for opening 'doors for liberty'


Party says Paul fought an uphill battle for liberty in his quest for the GOP nomination

Following the close of Ron Paul's presidential campaign, the Libertarian Party thanked Paul for all that he had done for liberty in his presidential bid. "Paul fought an uphill battle for liberty every day in his presidential campaign against all of the big-government juggernauts of the Republican Party," says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis.

Paul tips hat to Barr

Tipping his hat to his former colleague in Congress while rejecting calls to support John McCain--his party's presumptive nominee--Ron Paul had some nice words for LP presidential candidate Bob Barr in a recent interview.  When talking to CNN host John Roberts, Paul stated that Barr represented the values of the Libertarian Party well. 

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Democrats work against gas price relief


Recent legislative efforts by Democrats work against reducing the price of gas for Americans

While Americans are struggling to keep their vehicles fueled without breaking the bank, Democrats in Congress have promoted a string of legislation that would increase the cost of gas for consumers.  "Americans are paying record prices for gas, and Democrats are working in the opposite direction of relief," says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis.

Do you support drilling for oil off of U.S. shorelines?

84% (1434 votes)
9% (159 votes)
5% (82 votes)
Don't Know/No Response
2% (28 votes)
Total votes: 1703

Was Bush's propensity for war "misunderstood," as he says it was?

19% (81 votes)
66% (276 votes)
10% (42 votes)
Don't Know/No Response
5% (20 votes)
Total votes: 419


Texas LP State Convention


Start date: 
Friday, June 13, 2008 - 8:00am
End date: 
Sunday, June 15, 2008 - 5:59pm
Time Zone: 


Radisson Hotel Fossil Creek
Fort Worth, TX 76106


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Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate finishes ballot access drive


Redpath says Virginians do not need "six more years of the same two parties"

Libertarian Party National Chairman and candidate for U.S. Senate William Redpath will deliver more than 16,000 signatures to the Virginia State Board of Elections on Tuesday in Richmond, concluding more than two months of petition gathering to qualify for ballot access as a Libertarian in the state of Virginia. Redpath, of Leesburg, will face Republican Jim Gilmore and Democrat Mark Warner for the seat currently held by five-term Republican Senator John Warner.


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