How should government officials react to revelations made by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden?

Abolish the NSA.
1% (56 votes)
Award Edward Snowden the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
1% (52 votes)
Repeal the Patriot Act, NDAA, FISA and every other law that violates Americans' Fourth Amendment rights.
12% (547 votes)
Consolidate the federal government's 18 spy agencies into one much smaller agency fully accountable to the American people.
3% (144 votes)
End U.S. foreign interventions in the Middle East and throughout the world to reduce the threat of terrorism.
2% (72 votes)
Cut military spending by at least 60%.
0% (5 votes)
Cut taxes and/or reduce government debt so freed-up money cannot be spent on another dangerous or unconstitutional program.
1% (41 votes)
All of the above - except for awarding Snowden the medal.
17% (769 votes)
All of the above - including awarding Snowden the medal. He's a patriot and a hero.
45% (1991 votes)
A different combination of the above.
16% (695 votes)
None of the above.
2% (85 votes)
Total votes: 4457