Republican Wall of Shame

The Libertarian Party presents:

  Republican Wall of Shame plackard  

Republicans claim they want less government, but . . .

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney: Created "RomneyCare" program, similar to ObamaCare.

       Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee: Supported five tax increases as governor, prompting the Club for Growth to label him a "liberal."

       George Bush

President George W. Bush: "I've abandoned free market principles to save the free market system."


  Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich: "The evidence is sufficient that we should move towards the most effective possible steps to reduce carbon loading in the atmosphere."

  question mark

Which Republican president signed massive spending bills that grew federal spending to the largest percentage of GDP in post-WWII history? (Click here for answer.)

  John McCain

John McCain: Famously suspended his campaign for President to rush back to Washington and vote for bailouts.

  Paul Ryan

Congressman Paul Ryan: Supported 2003 Medicare expansion, No Child Left Behind Act, TARP, GM & Chrysler bailouts, ethanol subsidies.


 Republican Record:

  • Cash for car companies
  • War in Iraq
  • 2003 Medicare drug plan
  • Patriot Act
  • $3 trillion budgets
  • $600 stimulus checks
  • No Child Left Behind Act
  • TARP bailouts
  • Huge deficits
  • Paulson for Treasury
  • Farm & ethanol subsidies


  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger: No comment necessary.


Libertarians stand for:
  • Free Markets
  • Civil Liberties
  • Peace


Dear Friend of Liberty,

We need your help. Click here to join the Libertarian Party today. The Republicans and Democrats don't believe in liberty. Unlike their rhetoric, Republicans won't support free markets, and Democrats won't support civil liberties and peace.

Here are some facts about the Libertarian Party:

  • We are America’s third-largest political party.
  • Many Libertarians serve in elected office and directly implement Libertarian policies.
  • We have affiliates in all 50 states.
  • We run hundreds of candidates for all political offices from President down to U.S. Congress and city councils.

A Zogby poll found that 44 percent of respondents agreed they were "fiscally conservative and socially liberal, also known as libertarian."

Right now there's a "budget battle" going on in Congress, but neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are taking the situation seriously. They're arguing over peanuts. The future of our children and grandchildren is very much at risk. We must make major cuts to government spending across the board -- including entitlements and military spending -- but the Republicans and Democrats simply won't do it. Their philosophy is based on politics, not principles.

If you want more freedom and less government across the board, we're the party for you.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

P.S. We need your help to fight back against the Republicans and Democrats, and for liberty and justice.