What Who’s Driving? trains Libertarians to do better

Who’s Driving? trains Libertarians to:

1. Recognize when a conversation is advancing liberty VERSUS when it is aiding and abetting Big Government.

2. Recognize rhetorical devices used by Big Government advocates and the media to advance and sustain Big Government. Develop a repertoire of segues to quickly re-direct a conversation from one that advances Big Government to one that advances a Libertarian agenda.

3. Drive conversations in the direction of more liberty by formulating and offering effective Libertarian Solutions that have broad appeal, that are simple and easy for voters to grasp, and that open their minds to voting Libertarian.

4. Develop a broad repertoire of Libertarians Solutions at all levels of government and in all areas of government.

5. Anticipate and respond effectively to objections.

6. Make a habit of talking up Libertarian solutions so voters hear them as much as possible, embrace them and ultimately mandate their implementation through their votes.

In short, Who's Driving? gives Libertarians powerful tools and techniques for putting liberty in the driver’s seat.