Ballot Access Fund


Ballot access is the most critical function of the national party. “Ballot access” is political speak for “getting our candidates on ballots.”

Every cycle, the Libertarian Party works hard to get our candidates on as many ballots across the country as we can.

The 2016 election results got us further ahead than we’d ever been at that point in the cycle, with access in 37 states.

In 2017, we achieved ballot access in Maine and Arkansas.

In the spring of 2018, we are methodically and strategically pursuing the remaining states. Unfortunately, because of a variety of factors, we are unable to pursue statewide access in Alabama this year. But we are pushing forward aggressively as possible in the other 10 states.

If you want as many Americans as possible to have the opportunity to vote for Libertarian candidates in 2018, please contribute to the Ballot Access Fund via this page.

If you have questions, please email Lauren Daugherty at