Ballot Access Fund

Ballot access is the most critical function of the national party. “Ballot access” is political speak for “getting our candidates on ballots”.

Every cycle, the Libertarian Party works hard to get our candidates on as many ballots across the country as we can.

In 2016, we achieved 50 state (plus DC) ballot access….meaning Libertarian candidates were on EVERY BALLOT IN AMERICA.

Our goal is to do this same thing in 2018. We want EVERY AMERICAN VOTER to have an opportunity to vote LIBERTARIAN.

This is no small accomplishment. It take lots of dedication, hard work, and dollars to make this happen.

We started 2017 with ballot access in 37 states. Over the summer, we achieved ballot access in Maine and Arkansas. So, now we have 11 remaining states.

We are working methodically and strategically to accomplish our goal and achieve ballot access in these remaining states.

If you want to see Libertarian candidates on every ballot in America in 2018, please contribute to the Ballot Access Fund via this page.

If you have questions, please email Lauren Daugherty at