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LP Monday Message: LNC members are on the trail

October 5, 2009 Dear Friend of Liberty, I’ve been serving as the LP’s Executive Director for about ten weeks now. While I do spend some time on visible things like blog postings or writing email broadcasts like this one, I’ve also spent a lot of my time on unseen things like database improvement and fundraising. […]

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LP Monday Message: Reagan not serious about cutting government, says Redpath

September 28, 2009 Dear Friend of Liberty, During the 2008 primary, many Republican presidential candidates claimed to be like former President Ronald Reagan. This was apparently intended to mean that they supported small government. I recently listened again to this speech promoting free enterprise, which Ronald Reagan gave in 1977 (before he was elected president).

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Libertarian Party quoted in product safety article

Excerpt from a Sep. 18 article: “It’s absurd when nanny-state bureaucrats want to regulate things we buy at mom-and-pop shops or second-hand stores,” Wes Benedict, executive director of the Libertarian National Committee, told “Consumer product safety is best left to a free market where suppliers can compete based on reputation and track records.

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Libertarians respond to President Obama's health care speech

For Immediate Release Thursday, September 10, 2009 Remind voters about Republican-initiated government-run health care plans WASHINGTON – In the wake of President Obama’s speech to Congress, America’s third-largest party wants to remind voters about Republican support for government-run health care plans. William Redpath, chairman of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) commented, “Make no mistake, the […]

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Take a look at our website: $200,900

August 28, 2009 Dear Friend of Liberty, If you look at the donation counter on our home page, you will see we recently surpassed our $200,900 goal for online donations for 2009. We’re at just over $210,000 at the time of writing this. That’s good news — but unfortunately, there’s bad news too. Our donations […]

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