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Roger Barris wearing black shirt with open collar, smiling broadly and looking at the viewer, Colorado state flag in background (color photo)

Reporter-Herald: Barris advocates Libertarian reforms in race for U.S. House in Colorado

Libertarian Party [LP] candidate Roger Barris was interviewed for the Loveland Reporter-Herald on his race for Colorado’s second congressional district. From the feature story, “Colorado 2nd Congressional District candidate Roger Barris advocates Libertarian reforms,” by Julia Rentsch (July 15): For Roger Barris, the Libertarian Party candidate running in Colorado’s 2nd Congress District this November, winning […]

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Gary Johnson wearing grey suit blue tie speaking at microphone at national Libertarian Party convention in 2016 (color photo)

Former N.M. governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson running for U.S. Senate

Libertarian Party (LP) presidential candidate Gary Johnson (2012, 2016) accepted the New Mexico LP’s nomination on Aug. 13 for the U.S. senate race there. Johnson will be going up against incumbent Democrat Martin Heinrich and Republican challenger Mark Rich. Among the many media outlets covering the news of the nomination were the Santa Fe New […]

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Dan Fishman wearing suit & tie eyeglasses seated at table speaking with hands gesturing, plastic water bottle on table (color photo)

Libertarian Dan Fishman for Massachusetts auditor featured in ‘Daily News’

Libertarian Dan Fishman was featured in the Newburyport Daily News about his 2018 campaign for Massachusetts state auditor. The coverage mentions his endorsement by 2016 Libertarian vice-presidential nominee Gov. Bill Weld for the office responsible for conducting audits of, and monitoring for fraud in, state programs, agencies, and contractors. Libertarian Marc Mercier’s bid for Governor’s […]

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Martin Moulton

Moulton’s D.C. mayoral candidacy featured in ‘DC Refined’ and ‘Metro Weekly’

Martin Moulton, the Libertarian candidate for mayor of the District of Columbia, was featured in Metro Weekly, and was profiled in DC Refined for their primary-election voter guide. In Washington, D.C., candidates of all political parties participate in primary elections. From the guide in DC Refined, “Voter Guide: A look at D.C.’s mayoral candidates before […]

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Arvin Vohra in suit tie, speaking at lectern labeled 'Libertarian National Convention' and bearing the national Libertarian Party torch-eagle logo (color photo)

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate urges pardons of Snowden, Ulbricht

Libertarian 2018 senatorial and 2020 presidential candidate Arvin Vohra was featured in News, who described him as a “principled libertarian firecracker” and lauded his pledge to, if elected president, immediately pardon nonviolent, victimless, so-called criminals. From the article, “U.S. presidential candidate would pardon Snowden, Ulbricht on first day,” by C. Edward Kelso (July 7): Former […]

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Masthead of the Ohio affiliate of the website with text 'OHIO' in black next to text 'WATCHDOG' in red, and a drawing of a bulldog between the two words (color graphic)

Ohio Watchdog: Libertarian ballot access could affect Ohio governor race

David Jackson, communications director for the Ohio Libertarian Party, was interviewed for about the party’s newfound ballot access in Ohio and its candidate Travis Irvine’s possible effect on the close race for governor. From the article, “Libertarian ballot access could affect Ohio governor race,” by Tyler Arnold (July 19): The Libertarian Party of Ohio […]

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Masthead of 'The Toledo Blade' newspaper, blue text on white background, plus tagline 'One of America's Great Newspapers' (color graphic)

Toledo Blade: No more ‘lesser of two evils’

The Toledo Blade is applauding the recent easing of ballot-access restrictions imposed on alternative parties. They credit 2016 Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson with having paved the way for Ohio voters to have far more choices in future elections, and they point out also the protectionist motives behind such restrictions. Here’s what the paper said […]

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L-R: Candidate John Tatar, host Rick Albin, and candidate Bill Gelineau appearing on televised debate for teh 2018 Libertarian gubernatorial primary in Michigan (WOOD-TV Channel 8

Michigan Libertarian gubernatorial contenders debate on WOOD-TV

Libertarians Bill Gelineau and John Tatar, rival candidates in the Michigan gubernatorial primary election, met for an hour-long debate on July 15 that was broadcast on WOOD-TV Channel 8, based in Grand Rapids. Political reporter Rick Albin moderated the debate, saying that WOOD-TV was happy to host the conversation and calling it “a unique event, since […]

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John Tatar, 2018 Libertarian candidate for governor of Michigan

Michigan gubernatorial primary candidate John Tatar featured in the ‘Sentinel’

Michigan Libertarian John Tatar’s local newspaper, the Redford Sentinel, has run a feature story on his bid for the Libertarian Party nomination for governor. From the article, “Redford’s Tatar making bid for governor’s office as Libertarian” (June 11): Cutting taxes, bolstering individual and states’ rights and restoring America as a constitutional republic are among gubernatorial […]

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Matt Waters

Virginia Libertarian Matt Waters qualifies for 2018 U.S. Senate race

This November, Virginians will be able to cast their ballots for Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Matt Waters, whose campaign planks include eliminating the federal income tax, immediate removal of all U.S. troops from Korea and Japan, eliminating the Drug Enforcement Administration, and transferring education from the federal government to parents and the states. Waters’s petition […]

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