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New Jersey Libertarians nominate Peter Rorhman for Governor

In front of a sold-out crowd at Rutgers University on March 11, the New Jersey Libertarian Party nominated U.S. Marines veteran Peter Rohrman for governor. Rohrman’s platform includes tax cuts, school choice, legalizing marijuana, and ending corporate welfare. “I believe in maximizing personal freedom. I cherish the Constitution and every one of the rights afforded […]

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Arkansas filing deadline moved

On March 1 Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed bill HB 1532 , moving the deadline for a newly-qualified political party to choose its candidates from November of the year prior to a general election to May of the election year. For years, the deadline for choosing candidates for a newly-qualified party had been in May, but […]

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Jerome Tuccille, the Libertarian Party’s second gubernatorial candidate, passes away at 79

From the New York Times on February 24: “Jerome Tuccille, who wrote one of the first manifestoes of the American libertarian movement and the first biography of Donald J. Trump, died on Feb. 16 at his home in Severna Park, Md. He was 79.” “In 1974, two years after the founding of the Free Libertarian […]

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Salem city council candidate: ‘Taxation is theft’

From the Statesman Journal in Salem, Oregon on February 12: “One candidate for northeast Salem’s open city council seat is targeting the under-30 crowd with what he calls a kick in the pants: Get involved in politics. “Timothy Perkins, 23, wasn’t satisfied with how federal elections turned out in November. “‘What I realized, before the election, but especially after the election, […]

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WBRE TV/NBC and WNEP TV report on Libertarian v. Scranton lawsuit

On February 13, NBC affiliate WBRE-TV and WNEP-TV reported that Libertarian Gary St. Fleur and fellow residents of the city of Scranton, PA, know as the “group of 8”, had their day in court. St. Fleur and his group Save Scranton have been the force behind a lawsuit that charges the city with illegally tripling the local […]

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Fox News: LNC chair knocks Trump support of ‘immoral’ asset forfeiture

Libertarian National Committee chair Nicholas Sarwark was quoted in a February 13, 2017 article on the Fox News website regarding civil asset forfeiture: “The White House has riled the country’s civil libertarian wing after President Trump enthusiastically voiced support for a controversial law enforcement tool that allows an individual’s property or assets to be seized […]

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Joe Lanzendorfer running in special election in Delaware

Delaware Libertarian Joe Lanzendorfer is running in a special election on February 25 for the state senate 10th district seat. Delaware Online, part of the USA Today network and the daily news outlet for the northern part of the state, describes Lanzendorfer as “a Libertarian who wants to legalize marijuana and push the federal government out […]

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Pearl River County Libertarian Party established, chair speaks to Poplarville Rotary

From the Picayune Item on January 27: “Daniel Wise, chair of the Pearl River [Mississippi] County Libertarian Party, spoke to members of the Rotary Club of Poplarville on Wednesday about his party’s platforms. “‘Don’t hit people and don’t take their stuff,’ is a common principle every parent teaches their child, Wise said, expressing that the same […]

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