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Cara Schulz

Help us elect local Libertarians in 2019

Dear Libertarian, There are countless opportunities to get Libertarians elected this year. While a couple of states have statewide and other large scale elections this year, most states have predominantly local elections. And indeed, local elections are where we have our best odds. Our team is working every day to recruit candidates to run, help […]

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Jeff Hewitt

BREAKING NEWS: One of the biggest wins in LP history!

Dear Libertarian, Political success doesn’t happen overnight. Winning a single political campaign requires countless hours of work to qualify for the ballot, hone a message, reach out to potential constituents, and persuade the voting public that you’ll do a better job representing them than the other candidates would. That single winning campaign also builds on […]

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Some big press endorsements!

Dear Libertarian, One of my greatest joys as national chair is bragging on our many, wonderful candidates. Let me take a quick minute to highlight two major press endorsements of Libertarian candidates. This week, Jeff Hewitt was endorsed by The Press-Enterprise and Daniel Fishman was endorsed by The Boston Globe! Kudos to both The Press-Enterprise and […]

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