Ballot Access

Did you know that the last presidential election without an incumbent, in which neither a Bush nor a Clinton ran, was in 1968? The old parties have treated our presidential politics like the office belongs to one of only two families. To fight against that, the Libertarian Party has run a presidential candidate every election since 1972, but we haven’t always been on the ballot in every state. Did you know that the old parties conspire together to make it more difficult for anyone other than a Republican or a Democrat to get on the ballot? And in the history of the United States, only the Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats have had 50+ (50 States + D.C) ballot access in consecutive presidential elections.

We believe having more candidates makes for a better election. We think representative democracy requires candidates that represent the electorate. The old parties don’t agree. They only want candidates who represent their party only! The Rs and Ds have conspired in statehouses across the country to deliberately make it difficult for a third party to become viable. After having ballot access in 50+ states in 1992, 1996 and 2000, the Libertarians’ streak ended in 2004 after several states passed ballot access laws specifically designed to keep a third party candidate off the ballot. But we clawed back, and in 2016, Gary Johnson was on 50+ ballots. We want to start a new streak by getting 50+ access in 2020.  And we need your help.

If you want as many Americans as possible to have the opportunity to vote for Libertarian candidates in 2020, please contribute to the Ballot Access Fund below. Help us keep American elections more than just a two-family affair.

This isn’t just a Libertarian issue — it’s a fair election issue and it’s an American issue.  More candidates means better representation. Better representation means better elections and better results.