Benjamin Franklin Candidate Award

Awards 2016

2020 Award Winner: Cara Schulz

The Benjamin Franklin Candidate Award is for recognition of a very effective campaign for public office at the local level, while communicating Libertarian ideas, principles, and values. The recipient of the 2020 Benjamin Franklin Candidate Award is Cara Schulz.

Cara Schulz won a seat on the Burnsville (MN) City Council in 2016. Her accomplishments as an elected local official in Minnesota, her candidate support and training skills, her media outreach efforts, and her kind caring personality are well known in today's Libertarian circles. As a city council member Ms. Schulz has been responsible leading the management of the city towards a less restrictive, less overbearing state. She ensures that issues that come before the council are investigated and communicated through the lens of reducing government and increasing personal freedom. Ms. Schulz works tirelessly for other libertarian candidates – locally, state wide, and nationally. She promotes, recruits, and trains candidates
nationally as part of her position with the national party.

Past Benjamin Franklin Candidate Award Winners

2018: Jeff Hewitt