LP Monday Message: NYT columnist just doesn't get it

May 17, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I'm pretty busy with preparations for our upcoming National Convention in St. Louis, so today's Monday Message is a little briefer than usual.

You might have noticed this New York Times editorial by Paul Krugman. In it, he says that libertarianism doesn't work, and proves it by pointing to the ongoing BP oil spill.

Libertarians appear in two special elections in Georgia

On May 11, there were Libertarian candidates in two special elections for State Senate in Georgia.

David Montané ran in District 42, getting 7.5 percent of the vote against two Democrats and an independent candidate.

Brandon Givens ran in District 49, getting 8.1 percent against two Republicans.

View the election results.

LP Monday Message: Liability limits make oil spills worse

May 10, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

You've probably seen a lot about the big BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Libertarians are sometimes attacked for not having good answers to environmental questions. In this case, I think there are problems that Republicans and Democrats in Congress have created, and Libertarians would have handled things differently.

Michigan Libertarian chair writes against text ban

Emily Salvette, chair of the Michigan LP, writes in the Detroit Free Press in opposition to the new Michigan law banning all texting while driving:

Will this law increase public safety? Probably not. It is intended to deter distracted driving that is reckless. But reckless driving is already illegal. Police can already issue tickets to motorists whose distracted driving poses a clear danger to others.

Please ask someone you know to join the LP!

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I hope you'll try asking at least one other person to join the Libertarian Party and become a dues-paying member for a minimum of $25.

I hope whoever you ask will agree and join our party, but I'm not asking you to follow up or worry too much about whether your effort is successful. I'm just asking you to try.

Here's a few things you could try:

1. Forward this email to others.

Libertarian Christina Tobin appears on FOX's Freedom Watch

On May 4th, Libertarian Party candidate Christina Tobin appeared on FOX's 'Freedom Watch' with Judge Napolitano to discuss California's upcoming vote on Prop 14.

As Christina Tobin notes, Prop 14 " the biggest threat to third parties and independents in 60 years."


Libertarian councilman Doug Burlison opposes random search in school

Libertarian Doug Burlison, a city councilman in Springfield, Missouri, writes in an editorial in the Springfield News-Leader:

LP Monday Message: Facebook Fans blow past 40,000!

May 3, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Last Friday the number of fans on our Facebook fanpage surpassed 40,000!

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites on the internet. Our fanpage provides a forum for thousands of people to discuss Libertarian ideas.

A year ago, in April 2009, we only had 8,000 fans. You can see the phenomenal growth in the graph below:

Please reserve hotel by May 6 for 2010 St. Louis Convention

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Please make your hotel reservation for the LP National Convention in St. Louis as soon as possible.

LP Monday Message: Don't Blame Immigrants

April 26, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

The recent legislation in Arizona has put immigration back in the news.

The Libertarian Party has a long history of defending immigration. Our website has an article discussing immigration. I think that if there's a problem with massive illegal immigration, then one of the best solutions is to make legal immigration easier.


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