Is Your Favorite Celebrity a Friend of Liberty?

Have you ever wondered who else shares your Libertarian principles, especially those in the media spotlight? Look here for a list of famous individuals, categorized by their field of work, who are known supporters of the libertarian philosophy.

LP Chairman to appear on Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Update April 6: Video of the segment available here.

Libertarian Party Chairman William Redpath is scheduled to appear on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. Mr. Redpath discusses the 2010 census. The appearance is currently scheduled to air on Thursday, April 1 at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time, but that is subject to change.

(Note, this is not an April Fool's joke.)

LP Monday Message: National Convention and more

March 29, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

A few items of interest for you:

  • Registrations for the 2010 Libertarian National Convention in Saint Louis are rolling in. Early bird pricing ends this Wednesday, so please take advantage of it and register now! After Wednesday, prices will be higher. The convention takes place over Memorial Day Weekend.

Libertarian candidate Gary Bryant in the news

The Union reports on Gary Bryant, running for the California State Assembly:

You can't paint Gary Bryant into one of the polarized corners American politics have retreated into the past few years.

As the candidate for the Libertarian nomination for the 3rd District Assembly race, Bryant is hoping his mixed bag of working man's logic and social acceptance can get him past incumbent Republican Dan Logue.

Read the whole article.

Daily Pennsylvanian comments on principled libertarianism

Prameet Kumar writes in the Daily Pennsylvanian:

LP Monday Message: Why Massachusetts should have voted Libertarian

March 22, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Like you, I am upset that the health care bill passed last night. Another huge expansion of government spending and government control is not good for our freedom or our health.

Houston Chronicle covers local Libertarians

The Houston Chronicle reports:

Libertarian officeholders across Texas include party chairman [Patrick] Dixon, a city council member in Lago Vista, as well as city council members in Anna, Springtown, Quintana and Jarrell; a member of the San Antonio River Authority; the presiding judge of the Brownsville Municipal Court; and the chairman of the Carrollton Board of Adjustment.

News coverage of Libertarian position on census

(updated March 28, 2010)

The Chicago Tribune writes:

Wes Benedict, executive director of the Libertarian Party, cited a Cato Institute report that census information was used during World War I to locate draft resistors and during World War II to round up Japanese-Americans and put them in internment camps.

LP Monday Message: Join our growing list of 263 candidates

March 15, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I gave a speech to the Libertarian Party of Maryland state convention on Saturday about how "Libertarian Candidates Make a Difference." Maryland has a nice slate of Libertarian candidates for the 2010 elections.

See our entire list of candidates sorted by state.


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