Cost of ‘stimulus’ rises to over $3.27 TRILLION

Since a government program is the closest you can get to eternal life, Congressman Paul Ryan asked the Congressional Budget Office to estimate the costs of extending just 20 of the most "popular" programs in the Obama government expansion bill to a total of just ten years.

The non-partisan CBO finds the total cost rises to over $3.27 trillion.  That’s $3,270,000,000,000.00. 

And that’s only for ten years, not the additional decades all those programs will go on for.

And it assumes every other program in the bill vanishes and never comes back.

That’s about $1 million in spending for every job "created," if Obama’s wildest promises come true.  Otherwise the price tag skyrockets even more.

And even Obama admits the promised effects won’t take place until 2010.  The CBO finds the recession will end in 2009.

In fact, the non-partian CBO also finds the "stimulus" will actually hurt the economy and eliminate job opportunities.

$3.27 trillion for just 10 years.  Around $1 million in government spending per job "created." And the recession will likely end before much of the money is even spent.

If that’s not enough, that $3.27 trillion "stimulus" plan is part of $10 trillion in new spending on "stimuli" and bailouts.

You can call your senator at 202-224-312 to express your opinion.  They will likely vote tonight.