“Dim Bulb” or silly goose?

If your carry-on bag is sitting on the bottom of the Hudson River right now, The Washington Examiner suggests New York senator Chuck Schumer may be partially to blame.

In its daily "Dim Bulb" feature, the Examiner takes Schumer to task for a 2004 earmark that may have gone unnoticed were it not for last week’s "water landing" of a U.S. Airways flight just minutes after taking off from LaGuardia airport and sucking geese into its engines.

It seems Schumer fought hard to make sure $200,000.00 of tax money was spent to create a sanctuary for large migratory birds, like Canadian geese, right next to the airport.

Since then, bird strikes at LaGuardia went from 31 in 2002 to 87 in 2007.

As penance for encouraging geese to roost next to an airport now famous for a near-fatal bird strike, the Examiner suggests Schumer treat the homeless to a goose dinner.