Interesting poll results

Two very informal, unscientific straw polls taken in the last week indicate that my campaign for U.S. Senate has the potential to take off in a big way if we can come up with significant funding. In the online survey taken by KTVK-3 one week ago, during and following the four-way televised debate,  53% of the participants indicated that they thought I won the debate. 

An equally unscientfic poll taken at a Junior State of America conference in Tucson yesterday indicated that 30% of the participants (high school students) would vote for me if they had the opportunity.  First place went to the Democrat, Rodney Glassman.  One reason for my good showing was that I showed up to speak to the group, while nobody representing John McCain put in an appearance.

And while I do not expect to receive 53% of the votes in November – or even 30% – these polls are interesting because they show that Libertarians can be very competitive when they are given equal exposure to the voters.