$41,000 short – please help!

Dear Libertarian Party supporter,

So far, we’ve received 383 donations and pledges totaling $206,650.07 for our building fund.

The LNC set a goal of $248,000, so we are still short $41,349.93.

This weekend we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Libertarian Party. The LNC is meeting and will weigh in on this building project.

I need your help to raise $41,000 by Saturday. Please join the hundreds of generous Libertarians who already support this worthwhile project.

It will substantially reduce our office costs, increase our financial stability and allow us to spend more money building the Libertarian Party so we can get more Libertarians elected to public office.

Please donate $40, $400, or $4,000 for the building fund today.

In Liberty,

Mark Hinkle, LNC Chair