Georgia Libertarian running in special election

Christine Austin
Christine Austin

Christine Austin is running in a special election in Georgia for the state House of Representatives, District 50, as a Libertarian on January 6, 2015.

To get on the ballot in a general election race for the Georgia state legislature, a candidate from a non-recognized party must collect signatures equal to 5% of the registered voters in the office’s district.

If Ms. Austin had run for the general election for this seat, she would have had to collect over 1,600 signatures.

Georgia is one of the most difficult states in the nation to get on the ballot for non-statewide partisan office for independent and alternative party candidates. Only one Independent candidate was on the ballot this year for the state legislature, as was one in 2012. However, since this is a special election, all candidates can get on the ballot, regardless of political affiliation, by paying a filing fee of $400.

“I am in this race to give the voters of Johns Creek a choice that they rarely see on their ballots – a choice for real freedom for Georgia”, said Ms. Austin. “If elected I can promise complete transparency. I can promise that I will not vote for any legislation that restricts freedom for Georgia unless I can be convinced that it is necessary to protect the inherent rights of others. This is meant to be a difficult hurdle.”

She continues, “My goal will be to restore freedoms to Georgians by eliminating no-knock warrants because they put innocent citizens in danger, eliminating property taxes because they erode the sanctity of property rights, eliminating unnecessary regulations that hurt our small businesses, de-militarizing our police force, repealing Georgia’s definition of marriage as between on man and one woman, and in every way working to shrink the size and scope of Georgia state government and return decision making authority to the people.”

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