Oklahoma libertarians celebrate voting in primary for the first time in 16 years

ImageBelow is a press release from the Oklahoma LP on June 29:

“In an election cycle that has been anything but forgettable, one group in Oklahoma is celebrating an historic occasion today. The Oklahoma Libertarian Party participated on the ballot in a primary election for the first time in sixteen years and they are thrilled. The party congratulated Robert Murphy in his primary win over Dax Ewbank in a victory that represents a political win for both men and the party.

“Tina Kelly, Chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party had this to say about yesterday’s primary. ‘I remember participating in a press conference more than a year ago and delivering the simple and direct message, “We want to vote too!” Yesterday, I was handed a Libertarian ballot and did just that, so I shared in the sense of personal victory I’ve heard expressed by others.’

“With two nominees in a primary for US Senate candidacy, the party garnered over 2,600 votes and they are optimistic about what this means for their future and the future of politics in Oklahoma. ‘The poll workers were a little baffled as to what to do with me, the only Libertarian to come in today so far, confusing me with an Independent,’ Julie Rinehart, party member from Cleveland County said, ‘but I assured them they’d get used to us.’

“Moving into the fall, the party has a roster of candidates on the ballot for statewide offices and is getting geared up now to support Governor Gary Johnson in his bid for the White House.

“’The Oklahoma Libertarian Party Congratulates Robert Murphy! We’re looking forward to a spirited campaign from him. As a Libertarian candidate his message stands in stark contrast to that of his opponents and will resonate with voters seeking a real choice in November,’ Tina Kelly said.  ‘Our attention as a party now turns to November. Including Governor Gary Johnson, we will have 16 Libertarian candidates on the ballot. The time for change has come to Oklahoma politics and it’s exciting to be a part of helping to make that happen.’”