Reason and Richmond Times: The GOP’s Libertarian Party Option

​A column that originally appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch and posted at made the case for why the Libertarian Party is ​the anti-Trump ​alternative for Republicans​​​.​

“So revolting do many Republicans find the prospect of having Donald Trump as their nominee that three in 10 say they would not vote for him in November, and some are now speaking openly about leaving the GOP for a third party. An exodus like that could wreck the GOP. But it might be wrecked already. And at least those leaving could look themselves in the mirror…

“But what sort of party would appeal to the GOP’s anti-Trump forces? The answer seems obvious: a party that embodies the opposite of Trump…

“It would take a lot of work to launch a third party…, especially in time for the November election. Fortunately for disaffected Republicans, they don’t have to. There already is one: the Libertarian Party.”

Read the full article here.

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