Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson may get to debate Trump, Clinton

ImageFrom on July 19:

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may not be the only candidates at the next presidential debate.

“All eyes are on the 2016 Republican National Convention this week, but Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson has gained in the latest CNN/ORC poll. In a four-way matchup between Trump, Clinton, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Johnson is up four points to 13 percent compared to Clinton’s 42 percent, Trump’s 37 percent and Stein’s 5 percent.

“If Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, polls at least 15 percent in five national public opinion polls before the first presidential debate, he’ll be eligible to appear on the stage with the Democratic and Republican nominees. A recent CBS/New York Times poll had Johnson at 12 percent, according to the Libertarian Republic.”

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