TN city councilman elected to county commission

Wallace Redd
Wallace Redd

Libertarian Wallace Redd, who has been serving on the Clarksville, Tenn., city council since 1996, was elected to the Montgomery County Commissioners in the 16th district on Aug. 7.

Redd garnered 384 votes for 61 percent of the vote in the nonpartisan one-on-one race, and defeated Loretta Bryant, a former commissioner. Bryant had served in the 15th district, but was re-districted to the 16th after the 2010 census.

“You must be able to specifically answer why you are running for office in one sentence, and be able to display it on the back of a business card,” Redd said. He raised more than $7,000 for his campaign and used targeted mailings and phone calls for his campaign, as well as knocking on doors.

Redd will continue to serve on the Clarksville City Council while serving as county commissioner. Clarksville is the fifth largest city in Tennessee, with approximately 100,000 citizens, and the annual budget is just under $100 million.

Redd works in real estate, and is also a part-time magician.