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Richard Brubaker Retains Wyoming Ballot Access

Libertarian US House of Representatives candidate Richard Brubaker won 8,286 votes, or 3.4% of the vote last night, and retained ballot access for the Libertarian Party in Wyoming.

To retain ballot access, a candidate for the US House, Secretary of State, or Governor must get 2%.

Only the race for US House was on the ballot this election cycle.

1,233,168 Votes for Gov. Gary Johnson. Record-Setting Libertarian Party Presidential Vote

Gary Johnson Breaks Ed Clark’s 1980 Vote Record of 921,128 Votes for President of the United States

2012 Libertarian Presidential Ticket of Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray More Than DOUBLED the 2008 Vote Total of Bob Barr and Wayne Root.

Top 3 States for Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray

New Mexico - 3.5% of the Vote

Montana – 2.9% of the Vote

Alaska – 2.5% of the Vote

2 Key Factors that Held Down Gary Johnson’s Vote Total

In Montana Mike Fellows Wins Highest Vote % Ever for Libertarian in Statewide Partisan Race

Montana Libertarian Mike Fellows won 43.1% of the vote in his partisan race for Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court, the largest vote percentage that a Libertarian has ever polled in a statewide race in the party’s history.

Fellows’ only opponent was the Democratic incumbent, Ed Smith.

Portions of this report courtesy of Ballot Access News.


Arizona "Top Two" Initiative Goes DOWN!!

Arizona voters soundly rejected the state's Prop 121 initiative which would exclude all but the top two vote-getters in the primary of state elections from the general election. No votes outnumbered Yes votes by two to one.

Similar initiatives that passed in prior election years in Washington, Louisiana and California have been destructive to the LP in those states. In some cases, it has resulted in allowing only one party's candidates to be on the general election ballot.

Governor Gary Johnson Wins Highest Vote Total Ever for Libertarian for President

With 97% of precincts reporting, Gov. Gary Johnson for President won 1,140,804 votes for the Libertarian ticket, breaking the 32-year record held by Ed Clark, who won 921,128 votes (1.06%) in 1980.

Your Vote for Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is a Vote You’ll Never Regret

Today, please Vote for the Libertarian Presidential Ticket of Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray. Then vote for every other Libertarian Party candidate on your ballot.

“Vote Libertarian: It’s a Vote You’ll Never Regret.”


Because you are voting FOR liberty.

Because you are voting FOR what you want.

Because you are voting FOR your values, your principles, and your love: liberty.

Because your vote is the ONLY thing that makes a difference on Election Day.

5 Ways Your Libertarian Vote Will Help Change the World

By Mark Grannis, Libertarian for Congress, Maryland 8th, and author of Less We Can

Sooner or later, every Libertarian candidate hears:  “I really like your ideas, and I’d vote for you in a heartbeat if I thought you could win.  But—no offense—I don’t think you can.  And I’m afraid that voting for you will be taking a vote away from Smith, who may need it to beat Jones.  Smith is bad, but Jones is worse.

Washington Times: Libertarian Johnson could be key to who wins White House

From the Washington Times:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson could be the key to who wins the White House on Tuesday. Who that ultimately helps or hurts remains to be seen.

"Whichever candidate I make lose, that would open a debate and a discussion over the two parties," he told reporters recently. "What really is the difference between the two? Not much at all."

Tuesday's results pose questions about the future of the self-branded "minimum government, maximum freedom" Libertarian Party.

Statewide Libertarian Vote Totals That Will Give LP Ballot Access

The LP can potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2014 and 2016 - and countless volunteer hours - if Gov. Gary Johnson, Libertarian for President, and down-ticket Libertarian candidates meet state requirements to achieve ballot access.

A lot is at stake this November for the Libertarian Party.

Vote totals will not only elect candidates and show areas of growth. The LP will automatically gain ballot access in 18 states by meeting thresholds set by each state's laws.


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