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Tennessee U.S. Senate Candidate and Former Republican Finds True Fiscal Conservatism in LP

Libertarian Shaun Crowell, who raised over $30,000 for his U.S. Senate campaign in Tennessee, says he is getting looks from Democratic, Republican and Independent voters. The Democratic Party is not actively supporting their candidate, Mark Clayton, due to his socially conservative views. Other voters take interest in Crowell’s bold proposals to downsize the federal government.

Libertarian positions on state ballot measures

Libertarian-leaning voters have more than just candidates to vote for this election.

Ballot measures will appear on 38 statewide ballots this year, allowing voters to directly determine government policy.

Here's how voters who want less government may choose to vote. Note that these are merely one set of opinions, not officially-endorsed positions of the Libertarian Party.

Florida Libertarian Fretts Making Waves in Race for House

Libertarian Calen Fretts is getting unusual publicity in his race for Florida's first congressional district. He’s been mentioned in the New York Times and Bloomberg Magazine and featured in the Northwest Florida Daily News.

He was included in a recent televised debate which has been replaying across the district. "We got a lot of good feedback from the debate, and I think the winds are shifting in the right direction," he said.

Time Magazine showcases Gov Gary Johnson; Washington Times urges vote for Johnson

This Time Magazine showcases Libertarian for President, Governor Gary Johnson: 

Who Is Gary Johnson?

Armed with Small Government Plan, Mark Grannis Battles for US House Seat in Maryland


Attorney and author Mark Grannis, the Libertarian candidate in Maryland’s 8th congressional district, has articulated detailed plans for downsizing Washington D.C.

Grannis is running against entrenched Democratic incumbent Chris Van Hollen, Republican Ken Timmerman and a Green Party candidate.

MI Libertarian Senate Candidate Commissions Poll to Qualify for Debates; Still Denied

The campaign of Michigan Libertarian Scotty Boman commissioned a poll by Gravis Marketing that shows he exceeded the 5% threshold traditionally required by sponsors to be included in the state’s U.S. Senate debates.

The poll puts Boman at 7% in a 3-way match-up with Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow at 48% and Republican and former Congressman Pete Hoekstra at 39%.

Libertarian Walters Only Partisan Candidate in Race for SC State House

Libertarian Jeremy Walters of Fort Mill, South Carolina is the only partisan candidate on the ballot for State House District 26 due to a ruling by the state’s Supreme Court last May that knocked nearly 200 candidates across the state off the ballot, including the other four Libertarians running for the State House and his Republican opponent Raye Felder.

Felder will appear on the ballot because she re-filed as an independent and collected the required signatures to qualify.

Live Streamed Monday, October 29 7-8:30 p.m. Mountain Time: Gov. Gary Johnson

Libertarian Party presidential candidate, Governor Gary Johnson, will speak and hold a Q & A session at the University of Colorado at Boulder on Monday from 7:00 to 8:30 P.M. Mountain Time.

The event will be live-streamed at

Florida Libertarian Takes On Big Government Republican in 2-Way Race for State House

Because Democrats didn’t bother to field a candidate, Libertarian Peter Richter is in a two-way race against incumbent Republican attorney Kathleen Passidomo for the Florida state house where he has a shot at a record-breaking vote percentage for the state LP.


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