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Libertarians Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge James Gray now on ballot in 34 states - and counting

Libertarians presidential candidate Two-Term Governor Gary Johnson and vice presidential candidate Judge James (Jim) Gray will now appear on the November general election ballot in 34 states, as Maine, New Jersey, and Wisconsin were added to the list.

Petitions were submitted in 10 states over the last 2 weeks, including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia. Petitions are due in Tennessee next Thursday, and in Iowa on Friday.

No number is greater than one

by R. Lee Wrights

"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities."

- Ayn Rand

Brett Bittner Elected To Marietta, GA School Board

Libertarian Party of Georgia Executive Director Brett Bittner was elected to the Marietta School Board, Ward 1 yesterday. This is his first election. The term lasts until the end of 2013. Mr.

Headline: Libertarian Dan Cox for US Senate in MT

Libertarian Dan Cox, who is running for U.S. Senate in Montana, was the headline story in the Ravalli Republic, a Montana newspaper on Sunday, June 15th.

This year's U.S. Senate race in Montana is one of the most hotly contested in the country as it may determine the balance of power between Democrats and Republicans in the senate.

2012 Candidates - Is All Of Your Campaign Information Listed?

If you are a 2012 Libertarian Party candidate, and have a campaign website, email address, phone number, and/or campaign photo, please check the 2012 candidates page, to see if all of your information is listed. If not, please email the campaign information to

Candidates With Updates For Their Listings

If you are a 2012 candidate, please check the 2012 Candidates page, to see if your listing needs to be updated.

Let us know if you have a campaign website, email address, photo, and/or phone number that you want listed.

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Gary Johnson featured on Politico

from The Gary Johnson factor 7/8/12

Poll after poll shows lackluster enthusiasm for Obama and Romney, along with continuing voter disgust with Washington and most national institutions. That could put just enough ballots in Johnson’s column — in a kind of disaffected,“throw-the-bums-out” way — to affect the outcome in a handful of states.

Early polling has shown Johnson taking more from Romney, although pollsters say he’s peeling off votes from Obama as well.

The Quiet War On Ballot Access

by R. Lee Wrights

Not all of America's wars are clear and visible. For decades establishment politicians have been waging a quiet, secret war most Americans don't even realize is going on. But this war is just as destructive of our liberty as the war in Afghanistan, the war on drugs, the war on taxpayers and the myriads of other conflicts our government is waging.

Libertarians Gov. Johnson for President, Judge Gray for Vice President on the Ballot in Illinois

July 3, 2012 Yesterday Illinois became the 31st state that Libertarian presidential candidate Governor Gary Johnson and vice presidential candidate Judge James Gray will appear on the ballot in November. The signatures turned in to the Illinois Board of Elections were not challenged by yesterday’s 5:00 P.M. deadline.

Illinois is one of the most challenging and expensive states in the nation for presidential candidates to make the ballot.


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