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Libertarian Party Special Awards....for the 2012 National LP Convention

Survey: 2016 Libertarian Nominating Convention Venue Choices

Dear Fellow Libertarian,

The Libertarian National Committee is currently deciding on the site of our 2016 Nominating Convention.  Ohio has already been selected for the location of the 2014 convention.

Please take the survey now to give us your opinions!

Thank you,

Mark Hinkle
LNC Chair

Don’t Waste Your Vote: Vote Democratic!

by William Redpath

(reprinted from the December 2009 issue of LP News when Mr. Redpath was writing as Chair of the Libertarian Party)

I can’t know what each of you thought when you read the headline above, but probably the most charitable thought was “Poor Bill Redpath. He almost made it to the end of his second term as Chair before he cracked up.”

Success! Your Action to Urge Virginia Senators to Stop NDAA Worked!


The support of Libertarians and others who helped Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall's bill worked! Libertarians and other groups lobbied the Virginia Senate successfully, changing a split vote on Monday, February 27th to a landslide victory on Tuesday, February 28th.

Congratulations Del. Marshall and all who participated!


Posted February 27th:


New American magazine quotes LP Executive Director attacking Mitt Romney's High Government Spending record in Massachusetts

Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell is quoted in the current issue of the New American which suggests that many Tea Party members remain unaware of Republican Mitt Romney's voting record (as well as that of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich) - all Big Government:

Vote: Should the Libertarian Party list presidential candidates at its web site?

Dear fellow Libertarians,

Members of the Libertarian National Committee have been debating whether or not to list presidential candidates at our web site, and if we do, whether to qualify those who are posted.

There are good arguments for all sides.

Examples of reasons for listing Libertarian presidential candidates:

Libertarian Presidential Candidate RJ Harris in the News

The campaign of RJ Harris, Libertarian candidate for president, has been getting news coverage, including in the Oklahoman, the largest newspapers in his home state.

"R.J. Harris is running as a Libertarian Party candidate, who also is working on a signature-gathering drive to get the Libertarian Party recognized as a political party in Oklahoma." (Note: Libertarians in Oklahoma have gathered over 31,000 signatures so far of the 51,739 required).

LP Monday Message: Cruelest Cuts in Government Spending - the Democrat and Republican Scare Tactic

Dear Friend of Liberty,

When government spending cuts come up in conversation, Big Government Democratic and Republican Politicians break out the scare tactics. They threaten to cut the services that voters care about most. Police and fire protection, schools, and road repairs are some of their tried-and-true favorites.

Big Government Democrats and Republicans try to scare voters into believing that these are the only areas of government that can be cut. “Give us your tax dollars, or granny dies.”

LP Monday Message: Libertarian Party turns 40

December 12, 2011

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Yesterday, December 11, was the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Libertarian Party.

Here's a press release about the 1971 speech that inspired the Libertarian Party's founders.

I'm proud that the Libertarian Party has maintained such a tenacious presence in American politics for the last 40 years.


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