Brett Halbert

State Representative, 32nd District, Colorado

Election Date: July 6, 2012



About the Candidate: 

Brett decided to run for the State House because “Despite his campaign vows to make marijuana enforcement a low priority, the President has stepped up raids on these clinics and has been remarkably successful – if one considers tormenting sick people, shutting down tax-paying businesses, confiscating private property and threatening to jail people a success. My Goal is to reduce the size and scope of state government while bringing back our personal freedom. The issues I regard as urgent and feel the most passionate about are: Balancing the state budget by cutting spending, not raising taxes; Reforming education by transitioning to a free market providing school choice and parent responsibility; Securing full marriage equality for all people regardless of gender; Dismantling the excessive regulations surrounding the medicinal marijuana industry, providing access to medicine for patients; Pro-legal immigration legislation that allows individuals who do not pose a credible threat to security, health, or property to remain in the state contributing to their personal well-being and the economy.”