David Norton

Washington County Commissioner, D-1, Indiana

Election Date: July 26, 2012



Phone: (812) 595-2817
Web: http://www.libertarianpartyofwashingtoncounty.com/david-norton.html
Email: dhnorton@blueriver.net
About the Candidate: 

I have been a Republican who has leaned libertarian and frequently voted for Libertarian Party candidates, for my entire adult life, until recently. The explosion in the Federal Debt, the Bank Bailouts, the endless wars, the abuses of our civil liberties, and the ideals of the Tea Party movement moved me further towards libertarianism from 2006 until the present. At the state level, I was disappointed by GOP support of the elimination of Township Government.

At the local level I was frustrated by the GOP push for County-wide Comprehensive Zoning, which had been stopped several times before. At every level of government, the GOP proved itself NOT to be the small government party they claimed to be. I realized I could only work for Freedom and smaller government through the Libertarian Party.

I joined the Libertarian Party, worked with the Libertarian Party of Indiana and Rhonda Greene to re-activate the Libertarian Party of Washington County. I’m currently the LPWC Chairman, and the LP candidate for District 1 County Commissioner.