Erik Viker

State Representative, 85th District, Pennsylvania

Election Date: June 27, 2012



Phone: 570-274-2040
About the Candidate: 

Erik writes, “My philosophy can be summarized like this: -- Libertarians are no longer wasting their votes on Democrats and Republicans who have for 150 years caused the terrible damage to our government we're now dealing with. It’s a wasted vote to continue supporting the two-headed monster of bad politics. Gullible people continue to support the failures of the Republican and Democratic parties, and then complain when they fail again. As a community, voters get the government we deserve. Many voters have decided to live in accordance with the principles of liberty and will no longer support that two-party train wreck. When more voters really mean what they say about fewer taxes, citizen liberty and limited government, LP members will be ready to serve with honor. We already do, in many local and regional elected offices, demonstrating to our fellow citizens how LP members make trustworthy and effective representatives and managers. If you like how government looks these days, keep on voting for the same sorts of Democrat and Republican politicians. But we welcome you as we work toward the solution in the Libertarian Party.